5,408 ft / 1,648 m


768 ft / 234 m


5 summits

Top climbing months

September  40%

March   20%

October   20%

Most climbed route

Lennox Ck Trail

"Great trail. Clear until about 4000 ft then snow covered. Once we completely lost the trail we trail blazed straight to the summit. Glissaded back down to the main trail. Wore summer boots chains and gators. " - rebecca1, Mar 29, 2015
"A great hike to get away from it all. A bit tough to follow the trail once you get off the original road which has been blocked (The WTA site does a good job with the description on how to access/follow the trail). We were the only ones as the term that they use on the WTA site, "abandoned trail", probably spooks some people. Get out there and try it, so that the trail stays somewhat maintained - it's worth it!" - BryHong8, Sep 20, 2014
"I got an early start to make the most of the sunshine that was forecast for Wednesday. We were delayed for about 10 minutes on the long drive down the North Fork County Road by a truck that was being loaded with recently logged timber. Fresh asphalt now continues a few hundred feet past the "Spur 10" gate, it looks like new homes may be soon to come. Lights from more logging could be seen a few thousand feet up on the West end of Phelps Ridge. We hit the trail at 7 a.m. with just enough light to leave the headlamp in the bag. Bits of snow appeared on the roadside before the barrier, less th" - Jeb, Nov 20, 2013



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