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2,860 ft / 872 m


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Via the Beckhorn


  • Dix Mountain is the sixth highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park.
  • The slides on Dix give it a distinctive look.
  • While it stands somewhat south of the main High Peaks region and is more difficult to reach, the steep and challenging climb is popular with hikers not only due to its inclusion in the Adirondack 46ers challenge but for the open views of the region from its summit.
  • Dix is also the gateway to four other High Peaks in the Dix Range, all of them, unlike Dix itself, officially trail-less: Hough, Macomb, Carson Peak, and Grace Peak. One of the most difficult Adirondack peak challenges is to do all 5 in the same day; most hikers prefer to break the trips up into separate assaults.
  • Most popular route is to climb Dix from the south by taking the Elk Lake Trail toward Hunters Pass, where a spur leads up to Dix.
  • A less popular route is a lengthy northern ascent starting from the Ausable Club in St. Huberts.
"This was a fantastic weekend My wife Brigitte and I wanted to do the Dix Range. We were lucky to find parking on a sunday afternoon at the Elk Lake Lodge. Our first afternoon hike took us to our camp site at Lilian Brooke. The following monday morning we started at 7h00am. Our itineray was to start the ascension of Macomb via the slides. The ascent was difficult but the view was amazing. Upon arriving at the top we saw a few hikers. 2 of them (Jimmy and Don) did the next 2 summits with us: South-Dix and Grace. We really enjoyed their company and we had a similar pace which was great." - CPaquin, Aug 20, 2018
"Couldn't have asked for a better day to walk across the Dix Range. The best and final summit of the day. I felt like I was standing on top of the world. It was rewarding to look out and see how far I had made it throughout the day. Yet, humbling to see how far I had yet to go to make it back to camp at Slide Brook. I descending down Hunter's Pass and made it back just as the last of the light faded." - Right-On, Jul 29, 2017
"Trip report from the whole Dix Range traverse, included on all five logs: On Tuesday the 6th, Mom and I drove up to the Elk Lake parking lot and hiked in to the Slide Brook Lean-to. We got in sometime early evening and had the place to ourselves! It was raining, had been raining, and continued to rain into the early hours of Wednesday morning. But I'm willing to take the rain on set-up day versus hiking day. It was a little chilly at night and I had to put all my layers on to stay warm. I forgot that summer nights in the ADK can still fall into the 40's! Wednesday morning we were up at 6am a" - tscha1, Jun 7, 2017
"Solo. Macomb > S. Dix (Carson) > Grace > S. Dix (Carson) > Hough > Dix. Note pertaining to the entire day's hike - the trail register for the Dix Wilderness at Elk Lake Road was completely out of pages.. Coming over from Hough, the col dropping down wasn't too terrible in my opinion, though the multiple false summits became a bit disheartening as I topped out on each one expecting to be on the last one! The views were unparalleled though, I had such great weather for this hike. The herd path was easy to follow, though very narrow and brushy in many spots- I'm glad I was wearing long pants and " - kellieirene, Sep 12, 2016
"A little overcast today but the clouds were high and the views from Dix and Hough were great. Deb and I went up the Beckhorn trail to Dix first then took the herd-path to Hough. Found the Beckhorn trail steady, long and very steep up by the Beckhorn, a lot of fun and very challenging. We made great time and the herdpath from Dix to Hough was easy. Once done we continued toward South and went the down the Lilian Brook Herdpath." - hbotc, Sep 10, 2016



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