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Bear Den-Dial Trail

"Dial after the ascent of Nipple Top with my wife Brigitte Doyon As we left Nipple Top, the snow started to melt a lot. The sun was more present. It was slippery going down to Dial. We were surprise to notice that the view was not as bad as all the comments we had read on several blogs or Facebook page. It's not a 360 view but still pleasant. It is at that time that we noticed that the sun was going down and fast. Our descent was quite long. We were hopping to at least get to Lake Road before we had to use the head lamps. Which we did...just in time! This was a fantastic day with 2 gre" - CPaquin, Sep 30, 2017
"Started out at 5:30am, made it to the summit of Dial at 9:45. Trail to Dial was fairly easy - no rocks or boulders and the ground was soft. Not too steep either. Continued on to Nippletop." - jackmhare, Jun 17, 2017
"Nippletop & Dial counterclockwise loop. Solo, #'s 28&29/46. Today was absolutely stellar early fall weather in the Daks. High 30's starting out at 0715 from St Huberts, with an overall top temp of around 70, bright blue cloudless skies! After summiting Nippletop I meandered back over to the junction & continued over to Dial. The trail between the two peaks is really fantastic- soft with pine needles and very undulating, not crazy ups or downs. Quite a treat after coming up the Elk Pass trail to Nippletop. On the summit I met two guys, one from NJ & one from PA who were finishing their 46ers th" - kellieirene, Sep 16, 2016
"Another beautiful Adirondack day, my wife Deb and I took on Nippletop via Lake Road to Elk Pass to the junction between Nippletop and Dial up to Nippletop summit. Then after a snack and some photos, out we went over Dial, BearDen and the Shoulder of Noonmark. Great views, Sunny and Warm weather conditions on Elk pass are steep and a bit wet. But a great hike!" - hbotc, Aug 27, 2016
"Enjoyed a great hike to Indian Head, Fish Hawk Cliffs, Nippletop and Dial with the kids. The fall colors were beautiful. You add on an extra 1.2 miles or so and a little topo by heading in via Indian Head and FishHawk Cliffs but they are well worth it - short steep climb to great views. The ascent up Elk Pass to Nippletop was steep but we felt it was easier than heading down in which is what we have always done. Great views from Nip and Dial today as well. All togther it was ~14.0 miles with ~5100' of gain." - deb-and-rob, Oct 11, 2015



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