4,019 ft / 1,225 m


197 ft / 60 m


118 summits

Top climbing months

August   16%

September  15%

June   14%

Most climbed route

Bear Den-Dial Trail

"Dial was # 6 for us. It was a long hike, muddy, rain, foggy, with no views at the summit which was at 2:57 pm, but we still had an incredible day. I lost a set of hiking poles between Nippletop and Dial, I’m sure someone will find them. See post for Nippletop for more details about this hike. " - pacofive_o, Dec 7, 2018
"My very first High Peaks! Hiking to Dial, Nippletop Mountain And five other summits to make for an Epic day in the mountains with some great friends,, Very warm day @ 42degrees with the humidity factor and the black flies were biting,, great breeze on the summits, Beautiful day to be in the Adirondack Mountains" - ramjet1963, Jun 30, 2018
"46er #15! Blazing hot day, long hike, exhausted. When we first arrived at the peak I thought that there were no views. But on climbing up the big rock.. there they were! Another rewarding spot." - RangersApprentice, Jun 30, 2018
"It was raining when we started, then when we got to the trail to Nippletop, it was snowing (wet snow). The sky cleared a little in time for the summit to have a view. We went back by Dial. Super long day." - hiking-Brigitte, Sep 30, 2017
"Dial after the ascent of Nipple Top with my wife Brigitte Doyon As we left Nipple Top, the snow started to melt a lot. The sun was more present. It was slippery going down to Dial. We were surprise to notice that the view was not as bad as all the comments we had read on several blogs or Facebook page. It's not a 360 view but still pleasant. It is at that time that we noticed that the sun was going down and fast. Our descent was quite long. We were hopping to at least get to Lake Road before we had to use the head lamps. Which we did...just in time! This was a fantastic day with 2 gre" - CPaquin, Sep 30, 2017



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