9,748 ft / 2,971 m


1,248 ft / 380 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

September  24%

July   24%

June   17%

Most climbed route

Devil's Head trail

"Drove up to Castle Rock from the Springs and took a minivan full of guys up to Devils Head. The drive was awesome and the minivan did fine. We took the hike up and did a little bouldering on the trail up. The view from the top was great and we talked to the ranger at the top and he adopted us into the Ancient Order of Squirrels or something like that. It was a super easy hike with easy access and was great for everyone." - kylerlarose, Sep 26, 2016
"We stopped off to do this short hike to a fire lookout on our way down to Manitou Springs from the Denver airport. Fantastic views to the west and south. Unfortunately the cab was not staffed and the door was locked." - Nimblefoot, Jul 7, 2016
"Devil’s Head has been on my long list of hikes for a couple of years. Yesterday posed the perfect opportunity for it. This is the first mountain that we have climbed since Nepal suffered his FCE. Both my mom and I commented on how well this trail has been maintained. This is a perfect trail for an older dog or one who is recovering from suffering a spinal stroke. The boys, LP, and my mom had a wonderful time at the lookout…. we learned a lot. Well worth a trip." - smorningwake, May 1, 2012



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