12,169 ft / 3,709 m


4,709 ft / 1,435 m


29 summits

Top climbing months

July   26%

August   23%

October   13%

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Big John's Flat

"Late night summit by the light of the full moon and headlamps, as well as the light of the nearby forest fire. From the top the forest fire could be seen in places, and an inversion layer had set up which locked all the smoke in the surrounding valleys, it was really cool to see." - tomsenreed, Sep 17, 2016
"We decided to do Delano as a Sunset Hike. We left the trailhead at 7:17 p.m. was at the trailhead by 8:40 and safely back to our car by 9:54 p.m. We then found a campsite at Fishlake, Big John's Flat. It was very windy and very cold at the peak. The Sunset made it worth every minute. We did see a porcupine on our way down in the dark and was very happy when we originally thought it was a skunk and it was not! There were some sheep that we were able to see way in the distance once we were on the peek. Lots of deer frolicking around on the way up. " - MoneyPenny, Aug 8, 2015
"What an amazing area!!! There were wildflowers everywhere & we saw a ton of mountain goats near the summit. It was a bit of a long drive from Vegas for a short hike, but it was so beautiful. I know I'll be back up here again to camp out & bag some more peaks!" - Kevin, Aug 3, 2013
"Overall a nice and short Hiking experience but not worth the long drive from Las Vegas, just did it because is was on my way back from a Northern Utah trip. In combination with East Delano and Delano Brigham Ridge Peak it made a nice day of hiking. Still plenty of snow patches which can be avoided or hiked over. Surprised about the Snow condition, which have been good and hard enough to walk over. " - Nuernberger, May 25, 2013
"Started just past poison creek. Nice cool day to the summit with Lots of mountain goats in the area. crossed over to East Delano after. Very short hike with lots of elevation." - Ryan_Wallace, Aug 11, 2012



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