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"We were able to summit Davis Peak today after a challenging day of route finding, gear swapping and trail blazing. First, thanks to the WTA reports from "yarbro" and "cemh" which gave us some good beta in order to prepare. Even though we've been up Davis twice in the past year, we knew that with snow and the probability of few, if any, people up on the mountain, getting to the summit might be a stretch. As we've mentioned with recent trail reports, conditions are changing very rapidly with the spring weather, so a lot of the information here will be fleeting. The lower parking lot IS clear" - BryHong8, May 1, 2016
"Guest-writer Terrence Digel, who just turned 9, is filling in to do this trail report. "You start out going up right away and there are a lot of switchbacks at the beginning (first two miles)" "There are less switchbacks once you get to the rockier parts of the trail." "As you get up higher it gets very hot. Be sure to bring plenty of water, at least 3 liters per person." "The trail is very dusty and overgrown in some spots. We couldn't hike too closely because of the dust being kicked up." "Once you get out of the forest (halfway), the trail is really tough because of all the rocks, a" - BryHong8, Jul 20, 2015
"We were excited for Davis Peak after reading the Hiking Guide description, and hearing from a fellow climber that it was a good challenging day hike, with great views as a reward. We certainly weren't disappointed - while it's always fun to try something new, we will certainly be making return trips to Davis! The Hiking Guide "getting there" description is accurate, and we did end up parking up above the closest possible parking area, as the road does get pretty rough for the last 100 yards. It was wonderful to see only one other car on a Saturday this beautiful. The beginning of the hike is c" - BryHong8, May 30, 2015
"The Davis Peak trail is in great shape besides a few spots where is the foliage is taking over. As of July 4th 2012 there are a few blowdowns along the way as well as some large patches of snow above 5000 feet, all of which can be avoided without too much effort. Don't be fooled by the many unsigned private drives on the left just before Road 134, it is well marked for the Davis Peak and Paris Creek Trailheads. The access road isn't in the best shape, but I've seen much worse in the area and my large sedan handled it fine. About 2.5 miles in the thick forest canopy gives way as you travel " - Jeb, Jul 4, 2012


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