Středočeský peaks

531 peaks

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2,837 ft / 864 m

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5 summits

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593 ft / 180 m prom

Středočeský summits

61 summits

First Ascent Awards

54 of 531 peaks 10%

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March 24%

February 17%

May 16%

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Brdská vrchovina

Středočeský mountains highlights

"Short forest walk from previous peak. Top is marked with a wooden cross, triangulation project remains and thermometer : ). Because of trees, it is not so much visible around." - Kuchynka, Deividas, May 4, 2013
"1.0 km of easy walk on paved forest road. There is road to the top, however i decided to make it off-trail, heading directly to the peak. Five brave roe deers come few tenths of meters close..." - Cihadla, Deividas, Mar 3, 2013
"Simple and easy hike. Peak located in the forest. Unpaved road leading to it. Can be reached from the village Krušovice (home village for Krušovice beer). Information panels can provide a little bit of information about locality." - Loustin, Deividas, Feb 9, 2013

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