8,859 ft / 2,700 m


1,299 ft / 395 m


129 summits

Top climbing months

May   20%

July   19%

June   13%

Most climbed route

Icehouse Canyon

Class 1
"YoPro Six Pack Challenge climb. This climb was a tricky adventure and learning experience for several reasons: 1) Stragglers in the group caused the original hiking party to disperse. 2) Navigation challenges (trail forks at Icehouse Saddle, the sign denoting the summit turn-off was not there) caused a few other hikers and me to make an unintended 0.5 mile detour to a neighboring unnamed peak*. The tip to avoiding this in the future is to "turn (southward) uphill" shortly after the horrific set of switchbacks that happens after passing after Icehouse and to keep going (southward) until rea" - ctrain2018, Jan 7, 2018
"Absolutely perfect day for this climb. Straight forward and relatively easy. Took us far too long due to being out of shape (first major climb of the year. Also as a bonus, first rattle snake we've seen on a trail (he was just a baby). " - DoyleWalton, Jun 10, 2017
"We have been waiting and waiting for the snow to clear so that we could continue on our quest to hike the 6 Peaks! We arrived at Icehouse Canyon on Sunday around 7:30 a.m. and the lot already full. We were lucky that we found parking still down the street a bit. We snagged one of the last permits in the box and began our hike. It was nice by the creek, but already warmer than we thought it would be, and we quickly shed layers.We leap-froged a few other groups on the way to Icehouse Saddle. There we found many groups taking a break before moving on. For the amount of people in the lot and on th" - yosinalissebeck, Jun 4, 2017
"Time to head back up to Cucamonga-Got to the trailhead around 6:00 and got the last parking spot (sort of) we would later run into a LARGE group (best guess 50-75 people) at the saddle otherwise great hike" - Curt, May 14, 2016
"Start Time: 9:00 am. Summit Time: 12:20 pm. Descend Time: 2:00 pm. End Time: 4:15pm. Weather: High 50's. Sunny until we reached the summit. Once on top, clouds moved in and out during our stay. A blanket of clouds formed at a lower elevation, which meant a cloudy and foggy descent. Trail condition: Few patches of snow and ice." - greenrocktrekkin, May 8, 2016



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