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  • Crocker Mountain is a mostly wooded New England 4000 footer located in Carrabassett Valley, Maine.
  • Crocker Mountain is traversed by the Appalachian Trail.
  • A glacial cirque called "Crocker Cirque" is located between the main summit and the lower summit of South Crocker Mountain.
  • Crocker Cirque contains a small pond and can be reached via the Appalachian Trail.
"A tough 2 day effort of trail breaking to reach it. The first day, 8 of us were dealing with knee deep powder in snowshoes and route finding. The second day, 5 of us lost the trail and had to bushwack back over. We eventually reached the summit. 9.5 hours to break out 5.2 miles of trail. We were socked in the clouds. We were to tired to continue on to S. Crocker." - newenglandwarrior, Feb 19, 2017
"Tuesday I dropped Kim off in Caratunk to slack pack the 20 mile section SoBo to Flagstaff Rd. at the end of the Bigelow Range and since I had a good portion of the day to kill I decided to go hit some 4000 footers that I hadn't done yet. So, after getting back up to S.Crocker from Redington I headed over on the AT to the North Crocker summit. It was just under a mile and not a difficult hike at all. I only stopped on the summit for a minute to take a photo and then headed back to S.Crocker in order to head back to the car at Caribou Valley Road. Total mileage on the day was only 9.6 miles," - LGH-Tom, Sep 20, 2016
"NoBo AT Thru Hike 2016. Tom had driven me back to Maine and was going to stay a couple more days, so I was able to slack pack this small section even though I got a late start. I ran into a trail friend "scavenger" who I had not seen in a long time and we both were lucky to see a moose on the trail! This was the first moose I have seen hiking. I got down to the road crossing shortly after dark. " - Kim-Stilson, Sep 18, 2016
"This peak was a bit tough to get to. First you drive past Sugarloaf on west 27 and Caribou Pond rd (marked by a hand drawn sign) is on the left. This is an old logging road, so 4 wheel drive is nice but not necessary, though a good amount of height between your vehicles chassis and the ground would help a lot, many potholes, rocks and ditches scarring the road. Follow this til it ends at a blockade (see picture). Park here, continue to walk up the path about .5 miles til you see the AT crossing, fairly well marked (see picture) take a right onto the AT. Take the AT up to South Crocker summit, " - chrisr00d, Oct 23, 2012
"Great day for a hike. Thirty-two degrees when we hike the trail at 6:45 this morning. A light dusting of snow was visible at the trail head on Route 27. The higher we climbed the more snow we encountered when we reached the top it was a measurable amount of snow. The trail had some slick spots and ice covered rocks. The views were better than I thought they would be seeing I was told there would be no view at all. After reaching the summit, we went on to South Crocker and continued down the AT to Caribou Valley Road. There we meet a nice couple from New Hampshire who had just climbed Reddingt" - bwright, Oct 13, 2012



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