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"This hike was steepish and kind of an ass kicker. I was amazed at the number of fallen trees over the trail. Topo maps told me there was a USGS Benchmark up there, but all I found was a post embedded in a boulder. There IS a Benchmark labelled "Crafts I" but it's on Butler Peak. I have heard that some benchmarks are not the traditional 3 inch bronze disks I've come to know and love, and perhaps this was one of them. I don't know. I did enjoy the views and the pines. It's a pretty sweet trail going up from Green Valley Campground." - jimduvall, Apr 19, 2014
"Followed the old jeep trail up from Green Valley Lake until it stopped just north of the summit, then went about 100 yards (if that) southerly up to the peak. Then I hiked 1/3rd of the way over to Butler Peak, but the sticker bushes, which are everywhere, made the going way too slow. Ran out of daylight so I left for home. " - thesearcherextraordinaire, Aug 23, 2013



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