3,793 ft / 1,156 m

#99 in New York

#38,185 in United States


249 ft / 76 m

#408 in New York

#9,465 in United States


123 summits

#94 in New York

#224 in United States

Top climbing months

August   21%

July   19%

September  19%


  • Couchsachraga Peak is an ADK 46er peak in Adirondack Park.
  • "Couchsachraga" is based on an Algonquin or Huron name for the area, meaning "dismal wilderness".
  • The mountain is part of the Santanoni Mountains of the Adirondacks.
  • Couchsachraga Peak is flanked to the east by Panther Peak.
  • There is no marked trail to the forested, viewless summit.
  • The peak was originally thought to be 4,000 feet and was included in the ADK's 46 High Peaks. When a newer survey found it and three other peaks to be lower, the ADK list was not changed.
  • Couchsachraga was often climbed from the Cold River area during the early days of the Forty Sixers. Now it is almost always climbed from herdpaths originating half a mile south of Panther's summit.
13 summits • 15.6 mi • 4,462 ft gain • 12 hr 17 min
2 summits • 18.8 mi • 3,922 ft gain • 16 hr 29 min