9,750 ft / 2,971 m


230 ft / 70 m


17 summits

Top climbing months

July   22%

May   22%

March   16%

Most climbed route


"Four of us made it to the peak today. We got an early start from the Tram and crunched through the (very unusual) Mother's Day snow. Amazing how just an inch of snow can change your navigational cues!" - benjineer, May 9, 2015
"First peak of a six-peak day up on the San Jacinto Mountains. This was an HPS hike led by Peter and Ignacia Doggett. On Cornell, we went as far as the register box; since there wasn't an M-rated leader, we didn't attempt the summit block. I'll go back some day with rock climbing friends (I'm certainly not comfortable enough to do it on my own) and make it all the way some day...this peak has been beckoning me for a long time." - HikerMark, Jun 14, 2014
"This was a difficult peak. First started cross-country to the wrong summit (made the same mistake Bob Burd did). Then had to climb down (i.e. bouldering) from this sub-summit to the base of the peak. Then class 3 to the top which is marked with some ducks. Class 4 to the top of the summit block using a chockstone in a chimney. Wiped both of us out." - srphilip, Aug 4, 2012
"Approached the peak cross-country from the Tamarack Valley Campground, then climbed class 3 rock from the east to the class 4 summit block. My first "exposure" to "exposure." Not too bad though." - klotito, Oct 2, 2011



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