7,499 ft / 2,286 m


139 ft / 42 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

August   28%

September  14%

May   14%

Most climbed route

To/from Windy Gap

"A use trail descends from Mount Hawkins along the ridge past several downed trees and rocky outcroppings. This was much different that the easy ascents of Throop Peak and Mount Hawkins earlier. The approach is rather straightforward, follow the descending ridge. I could tell that there was a high point at the end of the ridge but it was difficult to see due to trees blocking the view. Naturally, the descent was rather quick although I lost the use trail for a few moments on more than one occasion. The summit had a register inside the pile of rocks marking the summit. Only a few people have bee" - Peak-Conquistador, May 5, 2018
"Finally found an opportunity to hike Copter Ridge. This trip involves dropping down ~1400 ft to the summit. Overall it's a similar experience to Ross Mountain, if not quite as strenuous. After the hike, I drove to Wrightwood for a cold drink, then settled into my stealth campsite off SR2." - klotito, Oct 14, 2017
"Starting from the pullout a mile east of Islip Saddle, I headed up a gully (not really a use trail) to the PCT, then hit Mt. Hawkins, Copter Ridge, back to Mt. Hawkins, then Middle Hawkins, and back down to my car. Total mileage was 13.39 miles. " - HikerMark, Jul 11, 2015
"2 mile hike from Mt Hawkins summit(8,850') along steep SE Copter Ridge trail, ~1,600' gain. Return to Windy Gap is 4.5 miles along ridge trail and PCT, totals for 2-peak traverse (Hawkins-Copter) is 9 miles w/4,300' gain." - BradStemm, Sep 14, 2013
"With the afternoon off, I decided to go after a new HPS peak after neglecting my pursuit over the last few weeks in the Sierras. Copter Ridge is one of the peaks on the HPS list that exemplified why it gets dogged, for being a list of quantity over quality. With minimal prominence, HPS seems to be a measure not of climbing skill, but who has the most time hiking. Regardless, I can never really complain about time spent in the mountains and descended from Mt. Hawkins to the summit. The ridgeline drops a good deal with a few false summits along the way. You know you've gone far enough when you'" - Christopher, Jun 19, 2013



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