7,123 ft / 2,171 m


4,740 ft / 1,444 m


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August   60%

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September  20%

"Had an awesome thru-hike with my buddy Paul on the Kettle Crest Trail! We did the first 10 miles on day 1, and stayed in the Snow Peak Cabin. It was amazing to spend the night in a cabin in front of a wood stove instead of in a tent out in the rain! We wrapped up the remaining 35 miles on day 2. While hiking at times we were able to hear the ranges namesake cattle, mooing high up in the mountains. We encountered springs along the way with troughs for the grazing cattle. We only actually saw white-tailed deer, birds, rodents, and a bull snake, but I don't think I've ever seen a trail with so " - Al-Rashid, Jun 30, 2018
"Took a long forest road to the Copper Butte trail...where I and my hiking partner saw a lot of wild flowers and cows, while trying to avoid stepping in cow patties a lot of the time. Yes...it's that kind of country. We later found out that the trail was created by farmers who herd these cows up the trail to large water troughs. Frankly, having to wait for the entire heard to pass before continuing back down was a pain in the tukus. Use a different approach if you ever hike this mountain." - Snowcarcass, Aug 30, 2011


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