7,080 ft / 2,157 m


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"We climbed under a project "Conquer the Peak" which I organized through the Rotaract Club of Kandy where we climbed the highest 25 mountains in Sri Lanka in 13 Days stretch as a fund raiser for diabetes in 2013. (24th February - 8th March)" - ravindratammita, Mar 1, 2013
"Though this Conical hill is listed in one of 10 highest peak in Sri Lanka, it has been hidden from hikers for decades due to the location of the same is plotted in a hidden corner of 1:50,000 map. Since we found the location in the map accidentally, we decide to do the hike. There was not a proper path but we manage the same with trails used by wild animals such as wild boar, sambur deer etc. We had no chance to stay much time at the summit due to presence of a huge wasp. How ever we have been the first set of out side hikers who hiked the conical hill after the English era. " - viraj, Nov 20, 2010


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