2,280 ft / 695 m


410 ft / 125 m


76 summits

Top climbing months

May   16%

January   14%

April   10%

Most climbed route

Coney Mountain Trail


  • Coney Mountain has a new trail, which is located between Tupper Lake and Long Lake.
  • It has 360 degree views of Goodman Mountain, Mount Morris, Tupper Lake, and the Horseshoe Lake Wlld Forest.
"First of the 3 peaks in the Tupper Lake Triad for the Winter Patch. Took our Dog, to earn hers and Daughter and future Daughter-in-law for their first completion of the triad." - UK-Ranger, Jan 14, 2017
"It was a great way to end the year! Figured we do the Tupper Lake Triad and earn our Winter patch! (Did this challenge in April 2016 plus we did Arab for the Firetower challenge)Deb and I enjoy these three mountains, short fun hikes and when all 3 are done in a day it is some great exercise! With a fresh couple of inches of snow and a good foot of the white stuff under that we had to break trail. We started on Coney first at 8am. Deb wore snow shoes I didn't, big mistake. The trail underneath the fresh snow was pretty packed but the fresh stuff made footing difficult to me. The weather was co" - hbotc, Dec 31, 2016
"This hike was the second of the day and the second of the TLT challenge. I was alone on the top, but just as I was coming down about 60 school kids were coming up for a field trip. Some of them looked miserable. Lots of black flies at the top." - MarkEarle67, May 23, 2016
"Solo. Number 1 of 3 for the day (Tupper Lake Triad.) After hiking Noonmark on Tuesday & Sleeping Beauty on Wednesday my legs were pretty dead, but I decided to push on to bag this list just for fun and to make the most of every beautiful weather day I had off. Had no problems finding the trailhead, and hiked up the pleasant and well maintained trail in about 30 minutes. Surprisingly, I encountered no mud. It was very warm (75/80 degrees!), so my views were a little bit hazy but still gorgeous. Met 3 ladies at the summit who all bought ADK camps when they retired from their careers & are workin" - kellieirene, May 12, 2016
"Peak Number 1 of the day in our Tupper Lake Triad challenge. Weather was great, better than expected, and the views are unbelievable for the amount of effort put into the hike. 30mins to the Summit." - UK-Ranger, Apr 9, 2016



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