12,451 ft / 3,795 m


804 ft / 245 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

June   33%

July   33%

September  33%

Most climbed route

West Ridge

"Camped at Twin Lakes, hiked ESE up the drainage into the Colosseum Cirque, then S up a short canyon to Colosseum Col. From the saddle, up the class 1 West Ridge. Peak 2 of 8 during a section hike of the southern JMT." - klotito, Sep 8, 2015
"From Armstrong Canyon up a chute to the low point on the (southern) east ridge and down Armstrong Col (loose mess). The notches on the North Ridge of Colosseum make an otherwise ho hum climb into something more interesting." - tombecht, Jul 12, 2015



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