8,705 ft / 2,653 m


665 ft / 203 m


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June   40%

July   40%

March   10%

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Colchuck Col

"Snow almost to the lake on the west side. Take your ice axe from the col to the summit: somewhat steep snow still on that last part of the scramble. Glissade down from about 7500 feet." - mathiasricken, Jun 9, 2017
"After an unsuccessful trip the weekend before, I was determined to head back to camp at Colchuck Lake and make the summit of Colchuck Peak the next morning. Finally off my To-Do list!!! Crampons and ice axe were used all the way up till the top of the col. Beautiful 360 degree summit views. Clear enough to see Adams, Rainier, Glacier Peak and Baker. " - aimk13, Jun 9, 2013
"Coming off a terrible near three-week streak of horrifyingly strenuous summit failures, this was finally an epic day to summit one of my favorite mountains in one of my favorite areas. Perfect weather - sunny, dry. Powered up and down in 9.5 hrs, hobbling with horrific blisters, knee pain, and general muscle fatigue, later ran out of water 2 mi from the car - glissade all the way from the top of the col back to the lake in 5 mins. Soft snow, no crampons, but incredibly windy - don't get blown off. Sweeping views of Argonaut and Stuart, and chipmunks galore. Trail and summit block are snow-fre" - diana, Jun 17, 2012
"Awesome awesome day. Brisk pace to base of the glacier, crampons and ice axes up to the saddle, scrambled around the south side of Colchuck to summit. Great up close view of Mt Stuart and Argonaut." - diana, Jul 1, 2011



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