2,336 ft / 712 m


440 ft / 134 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

October   28%

December   28%

August   14%


  • Cobble Hill is adjacent to Lake Placid village and affords nice views of the village and the Adirondack High Peaks farther away.
"Second climb of the day,, Took the short route to the summit .4 mile so upwards it was with some sketchy icy rock scrambling, but nothing i couldnt handle,, spikes near the summit and a great bum slide on the way down,, Awesome day with full sun no clouds but frigid temps -17c" - ramjet1963, Jan 13, 2019
"Last one we needed to complete for the Placid 9er. Nice trail, packed down snow, could of used micro spikes but we used our snow shoes.A lot of fun, went up and back the long way, less steep but more distance and exercise! Great views from the summit and of the pond." - hbotc, Dec 16, 2018
"A great little hike in the Placid area. We hiked up the more difficult section and continue down the other side, it was getting somewhat dark, so the Trailhead was a welcome site." - MarkEarle67, Oct 20, 2018
"a quick run up Cobble before heading to Hurricane to wrap up our LP 9. Cobble is a fun little trail, nice views - our first snow squall of the season. Hurricane was a beautiful as she always is - lightly dressed in winter." - deb-and-rob, Oct 13, 2018
"Started off the day with a hike in the woods because of low cloud cover. Then as the cloud cover lifted, I went over and started on the Lake Placid 9er. Hiked up Cobble Hill. Nice view overlooking Lake Placid. I then drove over and did Mt Jo. Some really nice views up there looking at the High Peaks. I took my time up there before heading back down. " - newenglandwarrior, Oct 12, 2018



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