9,926 ft / 3,025 m


807 ft / 246 m


94 summits

Top climbing months

July   32%

August   19%

September  16%

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Tenaya Lake/Sunrise Trail


  • Clouds Rest is an arete, a thin, almost knife-like ridge of rock formed when glaciers eroded away solid rock to form Tenaya Canyon and Little Yosemite Valley.
  • The northwest face, mostly solid granite, raises 5,000 feet above Tenaya Creek.
  • Although there are many peaks in the park having far greater elevation, Clouds Rest's proximity to the valley gives it a very high degree of visual prominence.
"Gt this one a bit late and t that time the view was obscured in the west by smoke from the Ferguson fire. We woke at 3am and bagged Half Dome as that was smoked out the day before. Grind up the switchbacks was one of the tougher, more miserable climbs in recent memory. Either we were melting in the sun or getting chewed up by particularly aggressive mosquitos when we stopped in the shade. The highly recommended views are indeed spectacular and not to be missed by any serious hiker.. I'll have to come back at some point with better visibility." - JustinB, Jul 24, 2018
"Beautiful, mid-60's day. Decided to try Cloud's Rest from the Valley through to Tenaya Lake, so parked cars at each end. Also planned on getting Half Dome in on the way, but due to a late start and lack of permits quickly abandoned that goal. Finished at Lake Tenaya just past sunset." - austin, Oct 1, 2016
"Been on my to do list for years and i finally got there just before the thunderstorms rolled in. Peak # 50 of my 100 in 2014 goal! We started from Teneya lake before sun up, was a beautiful hike." - 1-with-Nature, Jul 14, 2014
"A fantastic climb during an amazing weekend. Backpacked with Holly to sunrise lakes on Friday and proposed at sunset with the lake to ourselves. Got up early and hiked Clouds Rest and enjoyed mimosas on the summit. Hiked out early for a surprise stay in the Ahwahnee, checked in and surprised her again with her four closest East Coast friends waiting in the room. An unforgettable weekend. " - Christopher, May 24, 2014
"Another fun hike with Liz and Nicole. No coyotes this time around. I was begging the girls to sleep in a little instead of 3 am dawn patrol, but they were in a hurry to summit and head back to Orinda. I was exhausted with the early start and took an hour nap on my way up - in the sun, listening to the birds. It was heaven and I still made it to the top. Just not a lot of time to lollygag upon the summit." - 40in40, Oct 11, 2010



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