3,960 ft / 1,207 m


476 ft / 145 m


67 summits

Top climbing months

June   20%

July   15%

September  12%

Most climbed route

Cliff herdpath

"After breaking a snowshoe on Redfield a couple months earlier, I was forced to orphan Cliff. This trip was a revisit just for this one peak. Long, muddy, boring, and not much to see. The rock scrambles (cliffs) are interesting and a bit daunting at first, but they're really not very challenging." - cbp5800, Jun 17, 2017
"What a day, hit Redfield and Cliff, the conditions were not supposed to be as great as they were so Deb and I lucked out. Absolutely gorgeous weather and what a work out this hike is. Left from Upper Works at 6:20am. didn't get back until 6:45pm. Redfield was something, hiking along a beautiful stream almost all the way to the summit! Cliff was the challenge everyone said it would be! An absolute mud pit from start to finish and some real steep and slippery spots. Worth every step, found this hike to be a great challenge and accomplishment. " - hbotc, Jun 10, 2017
"Cliff&Redfield, 42&43 respectively. Got up at 02:00, drove up, and was on trail from Upper Works at 04:30. This would later prove to be a great decision. I didn't see another soul all day. Started out in pitch blackness, all the snow sparkling in my headlamp was a bit disorienting, kind of like a snowy screen on an old television. With the temperature hovering around 9 degrees, and a beautifully packed snowy trail, I hustled to the Flowed Lands in about 2 hours (skipped Henderson Memorial as I visited when I did Marshall.) From there I jetted up the red marked trail to Calamity Brook (got a be" - kellieirene, Jan 17, 2017
"Hiked in from Upper Works. Missed the start of the herd path and added an extra mile to my hike. Lots of mud at the beginning of the herd path for Cliff. I know this mountain is named after a person, but could have fooled me. Lots of ledges and a couple of spots that were vertical mud pits. Alright view from the first summit. Better than the true summit anyways. Going down wasn't much fun either. Onwards to Redfield. " - newenglandwarrior, May 6, 2016
"We camped at Uphill Lean-To. Cliff is a fun climb if you like rock scrambles and relatively short making a really enjoyable overall hike. The views are not incredible but not terrible either. Colden and Algonquin are visible." - petergnade46, Jul 28, 2015



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