5,280 ft / 1,609 m


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3 summits

Top climbing months

January   33%

March   33%

July   33%

Most climbed route

North Ridge

"I have been trying to get to this one since spotting it on a recent trip up Philidelphia Mountain, so when I saw that a few other NWHikers had made it up recently I jumped on the opportunity to poach their trench in some good weather. 68 degree temps were in the forecast and while I don't think it quite got there surrounded by snow a few thousand feet up, this was no doubt the warmest hike I can remember since last October. I parked at the small makeshift campsite less then 100 feet up the spur road just before the bridge over Money Creek. On a side note, signs indicate that Miller River r" - Jeb, Mar 30, 2013



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