12,900 ft / 3,932 m


920 ft / 280 m


25 summits

Top climbing months

June   36%

August   20%

July   12%

Most climbed route

New Army Pass/Traverse

"Cirque Peak Traverse! Up New Army Pass and down Cottonwood. The trail is mostly snow-free up to NAP. There are some snowfields to cross, but nothing too difficult until higher up. About 100 ft below the pass, the way is blocked by a steep snow slope - the remnants of a cornice. At that point it was choose your own adventure: To the left was 70 degree snow with a nasty run out. To the right was a class 3/4 crack system. Having brought an ice axe, I climbed the snow, kicking deep, downward sloping steps for security. Once over the pass, the going was easy and the entire ridge all the way to Cott" - klotito, Jul 3, 2017
"Came over from Langley expecting an easy walk up. The traverse around the top of the cirque took forever and boulder hopping was not so much fun. Damned if I was going to do that again, so I bailed directly down the north ridge. Went much faster and put me back at my camp in less than an hour." - edg, Jun 14, 2015
"Did this as a quick training hike. 2nd time up and the views were still great. Sadly a bit overcast during the day. A bit breezy but not too bad. Chicken Spring Lake is seriously low." - Irrationalist, Jun 7, 2015
"Started our trip at cottonwood pass and explored all 5 cottonwood lakes. We were lucky enough to see some big horned sheep! Ended up camping at high lake. Then we hiked up new army pass, climbed across the endless boulders along the ridge to the top of Cirque Peak! :] Pretty amazing for my first climb! " - Taraibe, May 30, 2015
"After Climbing Mt. Langley we made our way toward Cirque Peak Cross country trekking virtually the entire way. Awesome views from the top! This was my 1st time up here and peak #59 of my 100 in 2014 goal. From here we traversed straight down to High Lake and that was a bitch!" - 1-with-Nature, Aug 17, 2014



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