0.3 mi to summit

0.6 mi total


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170 ft gain


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This is a hike that I have been looking forward to for nearly a year. It was well worth the wait, as this was easily one of the most sensational days that I have ever had out in nature! The North Fork Mountain Trail is littered with heavenly views, lush forests, rock climbing opportunities at Chimney Top, and bushwhacking adventures if you wish to reach the official survey markers (plural) at 38.936396, -79.27243.

Okay, I'm not going to lie. The bushwhacking portion of the outing SUCKED and isn't advisable for anyone who isn't a glutton for punishment. Maneuvering my way through ridiculously thick patches of branches, thorns galore, and steep rock sections was not my idea of a good time! Sure, I was rewarded with an outstanding vista at the end, but there are countless others off the side of the NFMT which aren't nearly as difficult to reach.

Apart from the bushwhack from hell that left me with scrapes all over my arms and legs, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the eight hours I spent on North Fork Mountain. For one, it was a lot dryer than many other hiking trails in the Eastern U.S. this time of year (there is no "mud season" on this arid mountain!) Additionally, I probably spent more time at overlook spots than on any previous hike. The stunning scenery was everywhere and I absolutely binged on nature's eye candy!

Route name

Spur Trail From NFMT


bushwhacking, no water source

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