Valparaíso peaks

1,026 peaks

Highest peak

Peak 5564 m

18,253 ft / 5,563 m

Most summited peak

Volcano Rano Kau

4 summits

Most prominent peak

Cerro El Caqui

7,171 ft / 2,185 m prom

Valparaíso summits

9 summits

First Ascent Awards

4 of 1,026 peaks 0%

Top climbing months

December 27%

May 27%

November 27%

Top ranges

Sala y Gómez Ridge

Valparaíso mountains highlights

"While there may be a better way to go, I started my way up by sneaking under a fence on the north east end of the volcano. This allowed me to drive the scooter part of the way up along a dirt road. Aside from livestock and abandoned barb-wire fencing, there is not much to watch out for. It's just an easy walk to the top. The caldera at the top is filled with trees. I walked around the rim and avoided going into the caldera. " - Volcano Puakatike, markostavric, Nov 24, 2012
"Followed the trail from Ahu Akivi. Initially followed arrow on wooden sign pointing to Tere Vaka. This leads to a private property. Backtracked and found official trail head just a few steps further, with an official sign. The way up is gradual. Grasslands all the way to the top. A tree here and there could provide some shade on a hot day. The summit is next to a small caldera with a tree in it. The summit is marked with a cairn of rocks, branches and bones. " - Cerro Terevaka, markostavric, Nov 23, 2012
"Most people will go to the Orongo village and few walk around the rim. I started up the south side of the rim and worked my way around to the Orongo village, crossing the highest point somewhere in the middle. On the south end, it is possible to drop down to the lowest section of the rim, with some hands on scrambling. Going up to the north side would probably result in guards chasing after you, as most of the area is closed off to visitors. I was able to bike a good section of the rim. " - Volcano Rano Kau, markostavric, Nov 21, 2012
"My friend Jonathan and I undertook a somewhat risky journey to the summit of Caqui. We were seventeen years of age, and in my own case, my experience with mountains was in the 2500 feet range. Caqui presented far more difficult challenges due to height and steepness. And on our way up, Caquisto blocked the visibility of Caqui, which means we realized we had badly underestimated the height of this mountain. We took off from Calera at 4am, made it to the feet of the mountain by 7pm. We rest and then started the ascension. We climbed all day, and around 7pm, we stopped to rest and pitched our ten" - Cerro Caquis, demian217, Oct 15, 1997

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