9.10.19 Charleston Peak #82. (17th time this year matching my all time record in one year) 13.5 miles, 5,000’ gain, 5:51hrs total including :12min on the summit. Took the Cathedral Rock/Upper Little Falls Ridge mountaineer ascent to the south ridge/SLT. Then Old SLT Down. Maia joined me so I could show her this amazing secret route. One of my Favs. She is tapering for a 100 mile race so we parted ways at the ridge. After my trip and fall and gruesome thumb injury on my last summit, I had to get back on the horse before I become afraid of trail running. Today I had high knees and good form but I took my time and kept it slower running down as to not take a chance on hurting my injury while it’s healing. Cold & windy today. Flowers are dying and the meadows are turning brown. Winter is Coming. Or at least Fall.