9.6.19 Charleston Peak #81 (16th this year) w/Maia. Via Big Falls class 3 (and 2) ascent. Winter Mountaineer ridge and cliff bands variation (skipping the airplane gully.) 13 miles, 5,400’, 5:39hrs total starting at Echo TH and NLT descent. This is a special, unique and scenic route very few ever see. It’s challenging and rewarding. I was honored to guide Maia for her 1st time so she can see how spectacular it is. I had a few navigational errors. One on the cliffs which was almost class 4 and a short spell in the thickets.
Our Mountain Bromance has been so epic! I’ve enjoy every moment. I did take a crash downhill and tweaked my thumb and bashed my knee but I’m ok. Only my pride (and maybe my thumb, which bent in a weird direction) were seriously damaged.