Climb the classic peaks and viewpoints surrounding the famous Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park, California. All summits and points included in this challenge are accessible by trails (with the exception of a .9 off-trail section through easy forested terrain to the summit of Mt. Watkins).


Highest peak

Clouds Rest

9,926 ft / 3,025 m

Most prominent peak

Half Dome

1,362 ft / 415 m

Most summited peak

Half Dome

285 summits

Most difficult peak

Half Dome

Class 3

Difficulty breakdown

Class 3/4 1 peak

Top climbing months

June   20%

July   20%

August   17%

"Left 5AM with a group of 11 hikers. Reached the base of Half Dome around 12 noon. Climbed the cables to the top. Was on top of Half Dome for ~ 10 minutes when thunderclouds appeared and coaxed us down. Still worth it." - Half Dome, wim-de-groot, Sep 4, 2018
"Gt this one a bit late and t that time the view was obscured in the west by smoke from the Ferguson fire. We woke at 3am and bagged Half Dome as that was smoked out the day before. Grind up the switchbacks was one of the tougher, more miserable climbs in recent memory. Either we were melting in the sun or getting chewed up by particularly aggressive mosquitos when we stopped in the shade. The highly recommended views are indeed spectacular and not to be missed by any serious hiker.. I'll have to come back at some point with better visibility." - Clouds Rest, JustinB, Jul 24, 2018
"Another go at Half Dome as part of a southbound JMT. Climbing by sunrise and had the mountain practically to ourselves this time. Really hoping to Snake Dyke this one next time." - Half Dome, JustinB, Jul 24, 2018
"My first hike in Yosemite with the crew. The plan was to hike up Sentinal Dome but Frank was suffering from heat exhaustion. We took the long way to Glacier Point via Nevada Falls and Panoroma Cliff. Incredibly beautiful here." - Glacier Point, newenglandwarrior, Jul 13, 2018
"California. Came from Tenaya Lake and passed Clouds Rest. We did not have permit but got very lucky. A group of 5 russians from LA had a regular permit for 6, one of their friends got way behind and they did not want to wait for her. We both could accompany them. :-) Cables were steeper than I thought! Squirrels at the top. Foggy because of forest fires." - Half Dome, Pieter, Aug 27, 2017