Explore the rugged and remote high country of southern Yosemite National Park. This advanced peak challenge is based on the NPS's official map and includes all peaks lying south of Tioga Road that are shown on the map. A vast region with some of the best mountain scenery in the US, you'll likely have most of these peaks all to yourself. A companion to the Yosemite North Peaks Challenge. Note: excludes class 4-5 peaks (Cathedral, Fairview, Unicorn, and Starr King) and Yosemite Valley peaks (featured in a separate challenge on peakery). Based on this official NPS map:


Highest peak

Mount Lyell

13,114 ft / 3,997 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Dana

2,417 ft / 736 m

Most summited peak

Mount Dana

58 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

August   30%

July   26%

September  17%

"Hiked with Tommey. This peak turned out to be incredibly easy using excellent trail to Sadler Lake and then the mild crosscountry over the saddle west of Long Mtn. This is in contrast to the Chetwood Cabin trail that most seem to use which is hard to follow and suffers many fallen trees. 6:15 to the summit with breaks. SPS #246" - Foerster Peak, tombecht, Sep 17, 2016
"Our good friends Mariani and Jon Salmon got reservations to the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. What a great way to grab a peak. Kristine Hubner (who I hiked Sierra Buttes with the Boy Scouts), Craig and I all summitted Vogelsang on a beautiful day in Yosemite. Somehow my summit photo at the top says it is too small so it won’t load on this site. But I have it. I do not have one of Craig and I on top. Not sure why not. " - Vogelsang Peak, 40in40, Aug 3, 2016
"Day 1: Left Tuolumne Meadows at 2pm. Asaka was feeling jet lagged so we kept a slow pace to start. Hiked to 9,700 ft where we set up camp at 8pm. Day 2: Broke camp at 6am. Followed JMT until second lake, where we left trail and continued to Lyell Creek. Climbed the granite slabs and a giant scree field until the base of the Lyell Glacier. Ascended the sun cup filled glacier with crampons and ice axes until we reached the Lyell/Maclure saddle at 12,500ft. From here, we did some careful class 3/4 scrambling up the northwest ridge, until the last class 2 boulder slog to the summit. We had gre" - Mount Lyell, seancasserly, Jul 30, 2016
"2 of us started ~10:50am on 7/10/16, the last day of 3 days Tuolumne Meadows Trip after parking at Gaylor Lake Trailhead, about 3 miles from Tuolumne Meadows Campground. It was not able to find the way to pass the river, therefore, taking off the shoes to cross. A little bit scary due to strong water current and small rocks. It took a little less than 1.5 hours to pass the tree line for the first 2 miles. Arrived summit a little bit before 2:00pm and heading back ~2:30pm after stopping middle, southern and northern of the summit. Back to river crossing about 4:15pm. Overall ~6.6 miles and ~300" - Mammoth Peak, keung, Jul 10, 2016
"Hiked to last summit block of the southern summit before heading to Columbia Finger and Cathedral Peak for overall about 15.5 miles in about 12 hours from Tuolumne Meadows Campground." - Tresidder Peak, keung, Jul 9, 2016