A true lifetime challenge and a huge undertaking! Includes the highest points in all countries in the world that are at least 1,000 ft / 305 m high. Note that some of these don't qualify as peaks but are included for sake of completeness. A parent challenge to the Europe Country High Points challenge.


Highest peak

Mount Everest

29,028 ft / 8,847 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Everest

29,029 ft / 8,848 m

Most summited peak

Mount Kilimanjaro

156 summits

Most difficult peak


Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 3 peaks

Class 3/4 3 peaks

Top climbing months

August   15%

July   14%

September  11%

"Sunday 28th January 2018. The first day of a two-day trek on Pico del Teide 3718m, Tenerife, Canary Islands. From the Teide National Hotel at 2150m by route 19 to Montaña Blanca car park, then by route 7 to the Altavista Refuge at 3260m. 12.9km, with 1250m of ascent and 140m of descent. 6hrs 45mins. At 3718m, Pico del Teide, on the island of Tenerife, is the highest mountain in Spain and its dominions - over-topping Mulhacén, the highest mountain on the Spanish mainland, by nearly 240 metres. The peak is a stratovolcano, formed from around 160,000 years ago (very recent, in geologica" - Pico del Teide, marktrengove, Jan 29, 2018
"We (all members of the Malaysian Mountaineering Assocoation) were allowed to spend a week or longer on the summit plateau. I summited more than a dozen peaks, Low´s Peak twice, it took me 4 hours from the trailhead and down (on aggregate as a test how I might fare on the annual climbathon in the veteran age group), because we had to first get our gear to the Layang Layang Hut. From there, after climbing Low´s Peak for the first time, we explored peaks on the Eastern Plateau such as the elusive North Peak, did several first climbs, most notably on the Phallus Peak and Andrews Peak (in rain). We" - Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak), martinlutterjohann, Nov 11, 2017
"Trained two times on the blue line to 5400m. Attempted a summit with the guide Fabian from Andean Adventures, the company that operate the refuges. The weather on the night of the climb was ok, no precipitation, not much wind. Its the first time I climb with gear. We had to go fast after the second refuge because there were people on the ridge above us, risk of falling rocks. Scrambled on rocks on the ridge. We passed some people after it on the glacier. Had a bit of trouble keeping pace, went too fast and too slow at times. When we stopped to drink something I felt my tows were freezing, real" - Chimborazo, Pieter, Nov 8, 2017
"Beautiful ascent of Cerro Del Aripo from Lalaja for Glenns Birthday celebration. 2:15 mins up and 2:10 mins down. Nice consistent pace with no stops on the way up or down. Did celebrate with a b'day cake at the top. Cerro was mountain one of two that day. We then went on to El Tucuche and ascended from Hobal Trace. " - El Cerro del Aripo, chriskelshall, Sep 30, 2017
"Me, Misko Taneski and Aleksandar Tatalovic - Tatko went to climb Grossglockner on September 12 and the weather was terrible but somehow we manage to arrive to the Studlhutte in a storm thanks to two chech guys who found the way in the snow. We spend the night there and the day after we started going for the summit. The weather was perfect but a lot of snow felt the previous day so it was hard to walk. When we arrived to the next hut Tatko felt a little tired because he wasn't practicing mountaineering long time so he made a brave decision and stopped there telling us that he made his goal for " - Grossglockner, FilipVasileski, Sep 13, 2017