Head up and off the beaten path in every US National Park! Includes the highest points in the 57 US National Parks, a lifetime challenge in incredibly diverse, world-class environments. (Note: doesn't include National Parks in US territories).


Highest peak


20,310 ft / 6,190 m

Most prominent peak


20,146 ft / 6,140 m

Most summited peak

Mount Whitney

470 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Whitney

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Class 3/4 1 peak

Class 5+ 2 peaks

Top climbing months

August   20%

July   19%

September  13%

"My first trip to the Channel Islands. My friend Jared and I came for the day and made it to the top with an hour of time to spare. Saw several fox, a scrub jay, and a perrigan falcon. Have to come back and scuba dive for sure. " - El Montanon, MatthewWinterberg, Nov 8, 2018
"Quick, steady climb after visiting Carlsbad Caverns in the morning. After the crap of Open Hollow North the day before, the great tread and constant grade on this trail were amazing. We hit the summit in a little over two hours from the trailhead. Sweet views all directions from the summit." - Guadalupe Peak, edg, Oct 28, 2018
"A long, meandering hike to the high point of Carlsbad Caverns National Park from the north. We drove in via Queen and then a long, but well maintained dirt road. Following a track from peakbagger, we started up the confusing trails in Cave Canyon, accidentally climbing a hill too far west before realizing our mistake. The trail is well maintained up to the first mesa - from there it becomes an unstable mess of cowpaths and overgrowth. The descent to Aqua Dulce Seep is steep but well ducked. From there, it's right back up the far side of the canyon to Munson Tank. The views from the tan" - Open Hollow North, edg, Oct 27, 2018
"Perfect weather for the hike up to the summit. Hiked up with my friend Marty and made it to the top in 2 1/2 hours. Explored the crater and some of the other summits and made it back to the truck in about 6 1/2 hours. My first Ultra 57!!!" - Lassen Peak, Sledhead29, Sep 27, 2018
"Drove in from Las Vegas on Friday night, and camped at Mahogany Flat campground (8,133' elevation) the night before hiking/summiting. Windy as heck at the campground! Road from the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns on up was kinda rough. Glad I have a 4x4 HCV, it would have been dicey in a lower-clearance vehicle. Some serious (6-8" deep) washboarding on the last mile or so of the road. Started on the trail to Telescope Peak at 6:23 AM. Reached the summit around 10 AM. Was back down to the trailhead (and logged in the register) at 1:32 PM; a 7 hour hike. Not too shabby for my first ever solo out-of-town" - Telescope Peak, psychikingjes, Sep 22, 2018