Known as the "Ultra 57", this is perhaps the most iconic of all prominence-based peak challenges in the US. Includes all "ultra" peaks with prominence of at least 5,000 ft / 1,500 m in the lower 48 US states. These peaks read like a "greatest hits" for US mountains and offer an incredible gamut of adventures.


Highest peak

Mount Whitney

14,505 ft / 4,421 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Rainier

13,212 ft / 4,027 m

Most summited peak

Mount Washington

890 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Whitney

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 12 peaks

Class 3/4 4 peaks

Class 5+ 1 peak

Top climbing months

July   22%

August   19%

June   14%

  • All except 2 of the 57 Ultras lie in the Western US in 11 states. The east is represented by Appalachian peaks Mt Washington in New Hampshire and Mt Mitchell in North Carolina.
  • Includes only 7 peaks higher than 14,000 ft, the magic elevation threshold in the western US. Only 3 of Colorado's 55 14ers qualify as Ultras.
  • Ultras by state: 9 - California • 8 - Nevada • 7 - Washington, Utah • 5 - Arizona • 4 Montana, Oregon • 3 - Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming • 1 - North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico
  • Mt St Helens in Washington was the 58th Ultra before its 1980 eruption blew 1,312 vertical feet off the top.
"This was an incredible hike in a breathtaking region. I'm from California and I wasn't expecting this level of alpine splendor in Clark County NV. Did the big loop up the South Trail and down the North Trail / Trail Canyon. A light dusting of fresh snow and some brilliant yellow-orange-red aspen trees made this a very memorable outing. " - Charleston Peak, klotito, Oct 4, 2018
"This was my first time up here since my back injury & the longest hike I've done since then (though far from the hardest). Also my first time up South Loop since the fire. (South Loop is my least favorite trail up that way, even before the fire.) It was absolutely heartbreaking to see all those burned bristlecones. Otherwise, had a great day! I felt pretty strong. Wind was really bad the last half mile up the peak & on summit. I met a really nice guy on the way up & the rest of his funny group on top & we saw the cutest little mouse in the rock shelter. The group was doing shots of whiskey on " - Charleston Peak, StudioHoodoo, Sep 30, 2018
"Perfect weather for the hike up to the summit. Hiked up with my friend Marty and made it to the top in 2 1/2 hours. Explored the crater and some of the other summits and made it back to the truck in about 6 1/2 hours. My first Ultra 57!!!" - Lassen Peak, Sledhead29, Sep 27, 2018
"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains. LA grosse journée où je tente trois gros sommets dont le mont Washington. Ce fut une réussite de A à Z. En beaucoup moins de temps que je le pensais et aussi plus facilement que je m'y attendais. Je monte par la trail ammonoosuc jusqu'à la Hut, direction Monroe, ensuite retour vers Washington, pause diner, direction Clay: ensuite Jefferson, je vire de bord pour me diriger vers la Jewel trail jusqu'au stationnement... Oufff! Très belle journée malgré que les sommets avaient la tête dans les nuages, " - Mount Washington, fsoucy76, Sep 24, 2018
"Drove in from Las Vegas on Friday night, and camped at Mahogany Flat campground (8,133' elevation) the night before hiking/summiting. Windy as heck at the campground! Road from the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns on up was kinda rough. Glad I have a 4x4 HCV, it would have been dicey in a lower-clearance vehicle. Some serious (6-8" deep) washboarding on the last mile or so of the road. Started on the trail to Telescope Peak at 6:23 AM. Reached the summit around 10 AM. Was back down to the trailhead (and logged in the register) at 1:32 PM; a 7 hour hike. Not too shabby for my first ever solo out-of-town" - Telescope Peak, psychikingjes, Sep 22, 2018