All peaks in Southern California (the 10 southern-most counties of the state) with at least 2,000 ft prominence. Includes peaks in counties of Los Angeles (4), San Bernardino (21), Riverside (11), Ventura (6), Kern (6), San Diego (6), Santa Barbara (3), and San Luis Obispo (1).


Highest peak

San Gorgonio Mountain

11,503 ft / 3,506 m

Most prominent peak

San Jacinto Peak

8,284 ft / 2,524 m

Most summited peak

Mount San Antonio

466 summits

Most difficult peak

San Gorgonio Mountain

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Class 3/4 1 peak

Top climbing months

July   13%

June   12%

September  9%

"Great hike from Dawson Saddle to summit Baden-Powell. Started out sunny and then the wind picked up and the temp on the summit dropped to 50 degrees. Clouds were drifting over the summit, giving it a spooky feel!" - Mount Baden-Powell, S-J-Arelliano, Sep 30, 2018
"Drove up from Vegas to catch a couple of Dodgers games. Of course we had to hike too! We took Register Ridge up and Baldy Bowl Trail down. Hit Harwood, Baldy, West Baldy and Gold Ridge Mine Overlook." - Mount San Antonio, Kevin, Jul 8, 2018
"To begin my loop hike, I began at the ski lift parking lot at the end of Mt Baldy Rd. Instead of taking the ski lift, I picked up a dirt road on the west end of the upper parking lot and connected with the dirt version of Mt Baldy Rd. This road continues to the ski lodge at Baldy Notch at the top of the ski lift. From there, I picked up the Devil's Backbone Trail and climbed to Mt Harwood, Mt Baldy, West Baldy, and then down to Gold Ridge Mine Overlook. Naturally, Mt Baldy was the main target of the hike. After visiting Mt Harwood, I continued on to Mt Baldy. While experiencing near perfect we" - Mount San Antonio, Peak-Conquistador, Jun 16, 2018
"I'd been wanting to do this one for a while as I've never hiked in this area, and it's the only peak I know of that is both HPS and SPS. Absolutely worth it. This region is clearly under-appreciated hiking territory. We jumped off the main trail at a clearing, following the gully heading right for the PCT. Almost as soon as we met that, we veered right up the ridge for a fun class two scramble. Taking the normal trail down, I'm glad that scree path wasn't our ascent. " - Owens Peak, JustinB, May 30, 2018
"Completed a 6 peak loop of mostly LPC peaks near and including Sandstone Peak. Started at the Sandstone Peak trailhead and climbed Sandstone, Boney, Inspiration Point, Water Tank Hill, Exchange Peak, and Tri Peaks. This was a partial success, since I really wanted to include Pop Top and Big Dome, but couldn't find a clear route. I'm sure I could have found one if I really tried, but I was ready to cash myself in after doing my first hike of the year in actual heat. I also made a run at Balanced Rock, but the trail seemed to disappear in the forest after a long climb. I think I will try these " - Sandstone Peak, Peak-Conquistador, May 28, 2018