The official list of significant Sierra Nevada Peaks in California from the Sierra Club's Sierra Peaks Section. These 247 peaks cover the range from north of Lake Tahoe down to the southern tip near Bakersfield, CA. A huge undertaking. See for more info.


Highest peak

Mount Whitney

14,505 ft / 4,421 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Whitney

10,075 ft / 3,070 m

Most summited peak

Mount Whitney

470 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Whitney

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Class 3/4 5 peaks

Top climbing months

August   24%

July   22%

September  18%

"After bagging Independence Peak and University Peak I decided why not hit up Mount Gould. The hike up Kearsarge Pass was pleasantly quiet with minimal hikers. Thank goodness. This trail is always crowded! Once off trail the winds started to really pick up. At the summit I decided to opt out of the short class three summit block due to 40 mph gusts. I was looking forward to the summit block so this turned out to be rather uneventful. I’ll have to make up for this when I hit up the nearby Dragon Peak : ) " - Mount Gould, ThemountainsarecallingImustgo, Sep 10, 2018
"Nevada's Wheeler Peak was originally supposed to be the highlight of this eight-day getaway out west. Summiting that 13er would have been ambitious enough considering my previous high point was only 11.5k feet. That all changed when I went to the website two weeks before my trip and noticed that a permit (well, two actually) had suddenly become available. I immediately snatched up one of them and paid the $25 fee without hesitation. After the initial euphoria wore off a bit, I started to wonder if two weeks would be ample time to train for this 22-mile round-trip hike with ov" - Mount Whitney, theascent, Sep 6, 2018
"Left 5AM with a group of 11 hikers. Reached the base of Half Dome around 12 noon. Climbed the cables to the top. Was on top of Half Dome for ~ 10 minutes when thunderclouds appeared and coaxed us down. Still worth it." - Half Dome, wim-de-groot, Sep 4, 2018
"Wow! My last backpacking trip of the summer was great. On Saturday we hiked six miles from the Cottonwood Lakes TH to Long Lake, where we set up camp. Sunday was summit day. We set out at 8 am and hiked up New Army Pass. A ways after the pass, the elevation started slowing me down. I put on my headphones for some musical motivation. After lots of short breaks I made it to the summit after hiking for a little bit over four hours. The views were great, and we took pictures and had lunch before heading back down and getting back to camp around four. On Monday we hiked out and rewarded ourselves w" - Mount Langley, kaylam87, Sep 2, 2018
"This is a big mountain. After bailing on Williamson last Labor Day after climbing Tyndall, I went back with an even more intrepid set of partners to try again. TH parking was full on Saturday so ended up ditching car on side of road (to be continued...) and hiking up the road for a bit. Uneventful but warm climb up to Anvil Camp. Sunday we got a fairly leisurely start at 7am which turned out to be too late in the day for this big of a mountain. Climbing up Shepherd Pass was made eerier by the set of deer carcasses strewn about the bottom of the hill. Bear? Mountain Lion? Snow Drift" - Mount Williamson, edg, Sep 2, 2018