Official peak list of the Sierra Club's HPS designed "to encourage our members to explore and enjoy the mountains of Southern California and... to stimulate interest in climbing these ranges." The number of peaks has increased over the years with a current total of 279 peaks over 5,000 ft, a lifetime of challenge. More info at


Highest peak

San Gorgonio Mountain

11,503 ft / 3,506 m

Most prominent peak

San Jacinto Peak

8,284 ft / 2,524 m

Most summited peak

Mount San Antonio

471 summits

Most difficult peak

San Gorgonio Mountain

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 20 peaks

Class 3/4 1 peak

Class 5+ 2 peaks

Top climbing months

July   11%

June   10%

May   10%

"This was peak 5/5 and not officially part of the Sierra Club trip, as it was off-trail. We managed to hit the summit and make it back just before sunset. Note: the KCBS-TV station fence wraps around the entrance driveway, and you have to go a bit around it to find the "trailhead." Recent storms have also loosened the terrain a bit, so footing wasn't the most stable that day." - Occidental Peak, ctrain2018, Dec 11, 2018
"Bluebird day in the San Bernardinos. Snowshoed up the old 4WD rode and traversed over to the summit. Came down via the N ridge which was steeper than I expected but still manageable. Lots of powder. Hard to believe this is still SoCal." - Heart Bar Peak, edg, Dec 9, 2018
"This was peak 3/5 on the Sierra Club WTC Trip. Others had done some trail work on the San Gabriel Peak trail, so the hike up to the summit block is less sketchy now. The way down was a bit steep, though." - San Gabriel Peak, ctrain2018, Dec 9, 2018
"I climbed this peak as part of a Sierra Club Wilderness Travel Course intro outing, and this was peak 1/5 that day. Conditions were ideal, except that the tunnel road from Eaton Saddle was a bit obstructed by debris from some recent landslides." - Mount Lowe, ctrain2018, Dec 9, 2018
"Straight up the West Face from Onyx Summit parking area. Lots of families out enjoying the snow. There was a lot of brush and trees on the face, so I dropped my snowshoes about half way up which was a mistake. The last quarter mile on the flatter summit area was non-stop post-holing. Cool views out across Joshua Tree and the desert." - Onyx Peak, edg, Dec 9, 2018