Official peak list of the Sierra Club's HPS designed "to encourage our members to explore and enjoy the mountains of Southern California and... to stimulate interest in climbing these ranges." The number of peaks has increased over the years with a current total of 279 peaks over 5,000 ft, a lifetime of challenge. More info at


Highest peak

San Gorgonio Mountain

11,503 ft / 3,506 m

Most prominent peak

San Jacinto Peak

8,284 ft / 2,524 m

Most summited peak

Mount San Antonio

445 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount San Antonio

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Top climbing months

July   11%

June   10%

May   9%

"Last stop of the day. Looped down into Trail Canyon which has not recovered or been repaired above Tom Lucas Camp from the Station Fire, spent a good hour bushwhacking through buckthorn over my head. A trail crew needs to get up there before it’s too late!" - Iron Mountain, Christopher, Mar 19, 2018
"I rode the MTB up the Mt. Gleason Rd. from Mill Creek Summit. I was in the clouds within 10 minutes and had almost zero visibility for the whole day. It was a pretty challenging ride - I had to push the bike for a few tenths of a mile when the grade reached ~9% or so. Found the register at the location specified by the HPS directions. The area is still completely devastated from 2009's Station Fire. The burned out Camp 16 and Station Fire Memorial made for a somber scene in the dense fog." - Mount Gleason, klotito, Mar 11, 2018
"This was one of those odd occurrences that seems to only happen to other people. Even then, I don't believe the story. I began the hike by targeting a different peak, but yet I wound up on top of Warren Peak. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with Warren Peak, I was just surprised to be standing on it when I was. I was targeting Peak 4842, which is right behind Black Rock Canyon Campground in Joshua Tree NP. I started out on the West Side Loop and was looking to climb the highest peak in the area, which in my mind had to be Peak 4842 since it was looming nearby. I left the trail and went cross" - Warren Peak, Peak-Conquistador, Mar 3, 2018
"I had a three hour window the entire weekend in which to snag a peak. I took advantage and even managed to complete an HPS summit. Mission accomplished. It's a rather easy climb that seemed to end abruptly. I found myself looking over the side on the summit to make sure I didn't have further to go. The use trail gets a little sketchy at times, but then again, it is only a use trail. Trees block a lot of the summit views, but surrounding peaks are visible through the open areas." - Occidental Peak, Peak-Conquistador, Feb 25, 2018
"Since I had already hiked Burnt Peak and Liebre Mountain, I though I'd approach Sawtooth from the backside, via Warm Springs Canyon Rd. When I got to the turn, I found the gate closed, making this 11 mi outing into 16. Luckily, I brought the MTB, so I rode up the well-graded dirt road to the usual trailhead. From there, things deteriorated significantly - the road was in pretty rough shape. Sandy, washed out, choked with brush, rutted. I'm a casual mountain biker, and this really wasn't suitable for casual biking. But since the grade wasn't too steep, I though I'd do some trail running. So I d" - Sawtooth Mountain, klotito, Feb 25, 2018