A rite of passage for Phoenician peak lovers. Includes all significant and accessible summits lying within the city of Phoenix, Arizona. A parent challenge to the well-known 7 peak Phoenix Summit Challenge.


Highest peak

Camelback Mountain

2,704 ft / 824 m

Most prominent peak

Camelback Mountain

1,334 ft / 406 m

Most summited peak

Camelback Mountain

104 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

December   14%

March   12%

October   12%

"I started at 4 pm when my car said it was 107 degrees. I knew this would be easy and I also really took my time. It was probably the hottest I have ever hiked in. I went off trail from northeast of the peak, which was a fun ascent." - Two Peaks, ZachTeich, Jun 2, 2018
"After summiting point 1845, I hurried down to the saddle, then power hiked up to the summit of Shadow. I hurried down, then ran where I could back to my wife and son, who were waiting in the car. The temperature was in the 100's, and I didn't want them waiting too long. It was a fun workout in the heat." - Shadow Mountain, ZachTeich, Jun 1, 2018
"After returning from Goat Hill, I drove down the road a little, hiked the rest of the way to the trailhead, then took the trail up to the east ridge. There was basically a use trail, and I followed it to the summit." - Maricopa Peak, ZachTeich, May 29, 2018
"no route finding issues, you can get there many different ways. I went straight, came to a left or right decision, took a left , led up a small hill and then you literally see all the trail options. The last 50 yards is straight up and fun. Nice views from the top." - Shadow Mountain, puddlepirate, Apr 17, 2018
"not much to tell. Great weather, not too crowded. Headed up the Summit trail to the summit, then retraced my steps to the saddle and then followed the ridge line around and hit a couple other high points in the park" - Lookout Mountain, lawrencebaker, Feb 18, 2018