Climb 7 marquee Phoenix summits in an organized event held in Phoenix every November... or just climb them at your own pace. Either way you'll gain a greater appreciation for the abundance of great hiking integrated so closely into the urban landscape. For more info on the event see


Highest peak

Piestewa Peak (Squaw Peak)

2,610 ft / 795 m

Most prominent peak

Piestewa Peak (Squaw Peak)

1,178 ft / 359 m

Most summited peak

Piestewa Peak (Squaw Peak)

50 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

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Top climbing months

December   16%

January   13%

March   11%

"not much to tell. Great weather, not too crowded. Headed up the Summit trail to the summit, then retraced my steps to the saddle and then followed the ridge line around and hit a couple other high points in the park" - Lookout Mountain, lawrencebaker, Feb 18, 2018
"After dong North Mt. I summited Shaw Butte. I elected to climb off trail to the actual summit, following somewhat of a use trail. I was greeted with cigarette smoke at the summit (go find another place to smoke people) and came down the opposite direction." - Shaw Butte, ZachTeich, Mar 15, 2017
"Headed south from the North Mountain Visitor Center down Trail 100 for a couple miles to the intersection of trail 306 on the right. Over a saddle and then back up to a ridge, where the trail just seems to keep going up. Finally, it levels out and contours the west side of the peak until you hit the last big "up" along the north side of the peak. You can take this poorly maintained asphalt road to the top, or take the "real trail" that peels off the road to the right and takes you right up. Much more rocky and steep, it's definitely more interesting, IMO. Came back down the way I came up." - Shaw Butte, lawrencebaker, Sep 8, 2016
"I was getting stir crazy and needed a hike, So I went out to Lookout Mtn when it was 106 degrees. I barely made it to the summit. I decided to wait for it to cool down a lot more before going on another hike. Hiked Lookout Mountain quite a few more times the next 2 years before moving out of Phoenix. " - Lookout Mountain, MtnGeek, Sep 28, 2002