The master challenge for the Northeast US. Includes all peaks over 4000 ft high with at least 200 ft of prominence in the US states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Note: this challenge differs from the old Northeast 111 (with its 115 peaks) by adhering to a strict 200 ft prominence cutoff.


Highest peak

Mount Washington

6,288 ft / 1,916 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Washington

6,148 ft / 1,873 m

Most summited peak

Mount Washington

848 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Washington

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Top climbing months

July   16%

August   15%

September  13%

"After North Twin, we went over to South Twin. Incredible day on the summit. No wind. We then went down to Galehead Hut. We also picked up one person on the way. While they went up Galehead, I took a brief nap at the hut. We then hiked down Gale River Tr, and the XC ski trail to Beaver Brook picnic area. " - South Twin Mountain, newenglandwarrior, Feb 13, 2018
"Had to break trail in ankle deep snow. Lots of breaks. The exposed area was blasted with snow. Lost the trail. Ended up taking some backcountry ski trails to reach the main ski trails, then the summit. Headed back down the same way. Met one other hiker going up, who thanked me for breaking the trail." - Cannon Mountain, newenglandwarrior, Feb 5, 2018
"Not a bad day for a hike. Not too cold. Weren't any views due to the cloud cover. Hiked with a friend from work and another friend. Could have used crampons above 3500' but we managed with mircrospikes. " - Hunter Mountain, LGH-Topple, Jan 30, 2018
"Was planning on hiking with 3 other people but they had to bail. So now I was doing it solo. Was planning on doing S. Crocker first but I missed the AT. So Redington first it is. No issues getting up there. " - Mount Redington, newenglandwarrior, Jan 28, 2018
"Coming up through Franconia notch, the morning sun looked so nice we ditched plans and swung into the lot. Up Falling Waters, big winds hit as soon as we summited Little Haystack. Fortunately the temps stayed in the 30s. Steady 25 mph winds along the ridge gusting to 40. We were the only 2 on Lafayette summit, crazy." - Mount Lafayette, Alohabuffy, Jan 27, 2018