The master challenge for the Northeast US. Includes all peaks over 4000 ft high with at least 200 ft of prominence in the US states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Note: this challenge differs from the old Northeast 111 (with its 115 peaks) by adhering to a strict 200 ft prominence cutoff.


Highest peak

Mount Washington

6,288 ft / 1,916 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Washington

6,148 ft / 1,873 m

Most summited peak

Mount Washington

872 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Washington

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Top climbing months

July   16%

August   15%

June   13%

"Easily my favourite peak to date. The views from here are breathtaking, and the trail up via pyramid is awesome. My second time here, with a friend to help him get to 3/46 in the ADK 46er Challenge." - Gothics, UK-Ranger, Jul 18, 2018
"Nine of us took a stroll across the Burrough Range to complete Laura’s and Tom’s first Catskill 420 Grid and my second. We arrived earlier than planned but were still greeted by six friends and the summit steward. More friends would arrive in ones and twos within the next hour. Everyone including the steward and other hikers were treated to a cooler filled with ice cream sandwiches and fruit bars, homemade cookies and rhubarb crumb bars and homemade fruit filled hand pies from a CIA chef/instructor. A complete sugar rush for two hours before heading down to the PA for celebratory beverages. W" - Slide Mountain, Nimblefoot, Jul 8, 2018
"Leaving Beaver point camp site in morning, hiked up the pass to the Boundary peaks. This was on tough climb up, lots of boulders and hiking along side waterfalls, plus straight up fir 2 miles. The waterfalls were awesome though and made it more enjoy able!" - Algonquin Peak, blackwolf_03278, Jul 8, 2018
"Decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head up for our third straight weekend of hiking. Blueberry Ledge Trail to Mt. Whiteface, then Rollins Trail to Dicey's Mill and Mt. Passaconaway. A great hike overall, but tiring, so that last 0.7 mile stretch up to the Passaconaway summit made me cry a little on the inside. Lunch, conversation, and the tiniest summit cairn ever. Then we quickly headed down Dicey's Mill Trail back to the Ferncroft Road parking area." - Mount Passaconaway, gooner, Jul 7, 2018
"We hiked in though Avalanche pass, what a beautiful area. Continued onto Lake Colden and picked a spot to camp at beaver point camp site. My friends and I crossed over dam and followed trail ariund lake. They didn't want to hike up, so I headed off up the trail to Colden, well they took trail around lake. Tough climb up, lots for ladders/stairs and very wet rocky sections. Compared to the White mtns were I hike a lot, this was rugged and very steep, with lots of rock slabs to huke over. Great views when finally hit the summit though!" - Mount Colden, blackwolf_03278, Jul 7, 2018