Explore the wilds of New Jersey. Includes all peaks whose summits lie on (or very near) the 70 miles of Appalachian Trail in New Jersey. The high point is High Point.


Highest peak

High Point (New Jersey)

1,803 ft / 549 m

Most prominent peak

High Point (New Jersey)

883 ft / 269 m

Most summited peak

High Point (New Jersey)

107 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

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Top climbing months

July   27%

June   14%

September  12%

"Stopped by the highpoint to see if the Monument was open for summer and it was. There are 201 steps to the top where you can look out at the views through some windows. The beach was also open and there were several lifeguards on duty although the water is still pretty chilly. Non-residents are charged $20 during the weekends to enter the park and use the amenities. It's easy to drive up to the Monument parking area but there are several trails such as the Monument Trail or the AT to add a little adventure. This past March the state park had over 2' of snow so there was some x-country skiing a" - High Point (New Jersey), StoneMan, Jun 23, 2018
"NoBo AT Thru Hike 2016. I went down to visit Kim on the trail yesterday, I helped her slack pack a 15 mile section yesterday and put her back on the trail this morning 7/10/16 at Mile 1307. " - Raccoon Ridge, Kim-Stilson, Jul 9, 2016
"This was near the highway that I was driving on, and the hike looked quick. And that was the case. Another humid day, but hiked up to High Point. I went up the 220 foot war memorial, but it was hot, humid, and stuff with no air flow and a dozen other people up there. I left soon after to continue my drove home after my VA trip." - High Point (New Jersey), newenglandwarrior, Jun 18, 2016
"This was one of the most anti-climatic high points that I have completed to date. It costs $10 to get into the park if you're from out of state ($3 if you're from NJ), then there is about a 1 mile drive to get to the high point. There is a parking lot followed by about a 100 yard 'hike' up a sidewalk to get to the high point. The high point is a giant monument that you can walk around and walk inside of; however, it was closed when I went, so was not able to see what was inside. It was also extremely foggy, so I didn't get much of a view. You can make a nice afternoon of this area though d" - High Point (New Jersey), BrianLada, Jun 4, 2016
"A return visit to the highpoint to replace a plaque with new wording for one of our Highpointers Club members who had donated the bench which was installed by park personnel last summer." - High Point (New Jersey), StoneMan, Apr 6, 2016