The best of the best, that's the Las Vegas "Local 10" Peak Challenge. All 10 of these peaks are very popular with LV locals. 8 of the 10 have trails to their summits. The only 2 peaks without trails to the top are Bridge Mountain and Calico Tanks Peak -- both local mega-favorites. If you're just getting into this or don't know the routes, head out with one of the very active local hiking groups. Created by peakery member Kevin Humes.


Highest peak

Charleston Peak

11,916 ft / 3,631 m

Most prominent peak

Charleston Peak

8,241 ft / 2,511 m

Most summited peak

Charleston Peak

231 summits

Most difficult peak

Cathedral Rock

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 4 peaks

Class 3/4 3 peaks

Top climbing months

June   12%

July   10%

May   10%

"11.9.18...The most Epic Mountaineering Day of My Life. 10.5 Peaks, 11 miles, 4,200’ gain, 8hrs of sustained scrambling, traversing all the Calico Ridges in Red Rock in their entirety with Horse Peak as an extra credit (out of the way) running finale. I failed at one of the exposed go around corners along the way but I hope Harlan forgives me for backing down on that one. I did most of the hard stuff but I have my limits. My hands are completely bruised and battered and my hips and glutes are scraped clean of many layers of skin from crawling through sandstone all day. Thank you Harlan for keep" - Calico Tanks Peak, paula.raimondi, Nov 9, 2018
"11.5.18. Griffith Peak #16....These Mountains give me so many happy memories. The year is winding down and the days are getting shorter so I’m taking every chance I can to get up here. I invited Harlan to join me today for some mountain cleanup duties. He also wanted to test his altitude tolerance so I was happy he decided to go. Taking the trails is repetitive so we decided on a route when we got there. Mazie Canyon (which is normally a Snow and Winter snowshoe route) was the route he chose. Neither of us had been up that way. It was very challenging. We were both a bit beat up from the 7 Pea" - Griffith Peak, paula.raimondi, Nov 5, 2018
"Everytime I’m on top of this Beautiful Mountain a happy memory is created. Charleston Peak #65 was one of those perfect days. I love all my Buddies who make me happy and spend part of their day climbing Big Mountains with me. Thanks Friends. Thanks Maia for inviting us. You are a beautiful person and have such an amazing spirit and energy." - Charleston Peak, paula.raimondi, Oct 29, 2018
"10.23.18....Bridge Mtn #8 w/Karla (her 2nd) & Harlan (his 48th). Today a happy 3 legged dog that was bounding up Rocky Gap road with his family reminded me of the importance of gratitude and a good attitude. I’m grateful for my strong buddies who overcome big obstacles in life and still come out, workout hard and play on top of big mountains. Makes me super happy to spend time you two. Nice running into Susan & friends as well. Like old times, Harlan and I flew down Giant Mile (Prancercise style) for a fast and skillful finish. Good times. 6.7 miles, 3,400’ vert. for Harlan and me...(Karla r" - Bridge Mountain, paula.raimondi, Oct 23, 2018
"10.20.18 Harris & Griffith Peaks loop. 5,200’ of vert in 7 (off trail) miles on rough terrain....12 miles total. We used “Old” South Loop trail as a descent route. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with beautiful and strong Maia Detmer on this special and challenging route (I am learning to love.) I learned of this route from my Buddie Harlan but I take the Harris ridge up from a different area. I’ve done it several times this year in different ways and it’s always a hard fight. I’ve almost convinced myself to never do it again. Today I was totally zen and seemed to follow the route b" - Griffith Peak, paula.raimondi, Oct 20, 2018