The big one. The ultimate peak challenge of the Las Vegas region. Includes all peaks from the Las Vegas Local 10, Las Vegas 10K, Clark County P2K, and Lake Mead Peak Challenges. Also includes some of the closer DPS and LVMC 50 peaks and some of the best from the 52 Peaks and Valley of Fire Challenges. Rounding out the 100 peaks are a handful not included in other challenges but very worthwhile hikes. And if you live in the Vegas area, no excuses: all 100 of these peaks can be done as daytrips from Vegas. This challenge will put you through the gauntlet and test your routefinding and offtrail hiking skills. A huge achievement. Created by prolific LV area mountain hiker and peakery member Kevin Humes.


Highest peak

Charleston Peak

11,916 ft / 3,631 m

Most prominent peak

Charleston Peak

8,241 ft / 2,511 m

Most summited peak

Charleston Peak

231 summits

Most difficult peak

Cathedral Rock

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 6 peaks

Class 3/4 8 peaks

Class 5+ 1 peak

Top climbing months

June   11%

May   10%

August   9%

"12.12.18 Black Hills Solo 5 Peak Traverse. I see this beautiful ginormous Mountain from my kitchen window. Mount Scorpion, Black Hill, peak 4089, Peak 3954 & the Highpoint, Railroad Peak. 2nd time, 1st time solo and my fastest effort. 7 rough scrambling miles, 2,500’ gain in 4:43hr. Done in time to pick up the kiddos from school! I mastered the Monster Ridge. It was a sublime, adrenaline rush rollercoaster ride #namaste #waxonwaxoff #bigmountains #wildplacesnearhome #northmcculloughrange" - Railroad Peak, paula.raimondi, Dec 12, 2018
"12.8.18. The Guardian & Ram Skull Peaks. Solo...21 miles, 3,800’ gain in 7:20 hr. With inversion cloud! Today I bagged one of the most remote and hard to get to Peaks in our area. It’s deadly hot most of the year and when it’s cooler the days are short so you have to be very fit and run the 17 miles to and from the approach to get it done in the daylight hours. It has a 2 mile steep & rocky monster ridge (4 miles out and back) to get to both peaks. I’m glad I was in the clouds going up because if I saw it, I might have cowered away in horror. I stood high above the Lake Mead Narrows. The views" - Guardian Peak, paula.raimondi, Dec 8, 2018
"Well, this was a very frustrating trip. Went up & over Peak 2819 for the second time & continued over to Cathedral. Wound my way up to 10-15 feet below the summit. There, I found a short class 3 wall. It had lots of footholds & handholds, but all on brittle, crumbly rock that pulls apart in your hands. I tested my first step & it seemed solid. Stepped up & was starting to pull myself up to the next step, when the rock broke off under my feet. Luckily, I was holding most of my weight with my arms & didn't completely fall, though I did really bang & gash my knee up. I was spooked enough to not t" - Cathedral Peak, StudioHoodoo, Nov 12, 2018
"Kraft Up & Over. I had taken this ascent route before, but not the descent down into Gateway Canyon. Matt, Erica, Henry, Kris, Amber & I all headed up the south gully to the summit. From there, Henry & Kris took a different way down, while the rest of us descended the north side of Kraft. We got cliffed out towards the bottom, but found a way down. This was a nice hike after not hiking for a while!" - Kraft Mountain, Kevin, Nov 10, 2018
"11.9.18...The most Epic Mountaineering Day of My Life. 10.5 Peaks, 11 miles, 4,200’ gain, 8hrs of sustained scrambling, traversing all the Calico Ridges in Red Rock in their entirety with Horse Peak as an extra credit (out of the way) running finale. I failed at one of the exposed go around corners along the way but I hope Harlan forgives me for backing down on that one. I did most of the hard stuff but I have my limits. My hands are completely bruised and battered and my hips and glutes are scraped clean of many layers of skin from crawling through sandstone all day. Thank you Harlan for keep" - Calico Tanks Peak, paula.raimondi, Nov 9, 2018