Climb the 7 granite peaks accessible by trails in these popular, iconic mountains in southeast China. The Huángshān / 黄山 / Yellow Mountains in Anhui Province, China include soaring dramatic peaks with ancient pine trees gripping onto sheer rock faces. They are of great cultural significance to the Chinese people and feature often in Chinese visual arts and literature. Note that the trails up these peaks are not always open and may close at short notice. The trail over Tiāndū Fēng is closed until 2023. Created by peakery member Mark Trengove.


Highest peak

Liánhuā Fēng

6,118 ft / 1,864 m

Most prominent peak

Liánhuā Fēng

5,692 ft / 1,735 m

Most summited peak

Guānmíng Dĭng

4 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

November   38%

June   15%

September  15%

  • Visit the Guest-Greeting-Pine – the most important tree in China
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset from the peaks and viewing terraces
  • Marvel at the cloud-inversions that are frequent in the area, and
  • Cut ascent times by using the three modern cableway gondolas and funicular.