Explore the heights of Europe! This incredible challenge brings you to the highest points in every solely European country. To make the challenge more compact and achievable, excludes countries also located in Asia and peaks in island territories. A tremendous achievement in its own right but also a stepping stone to one of the biggest global peak challenges: the World Country High Points.


Highest peak

Mont Blanc

15,782 ft / 4,810 m

Most prominent peak

Mont Blanc

15,410 ft / 4,696 m

Most summited peak

Ben Nevis

99 summits

Most difficult peak


Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 1 peak

Class 3/4 3 peaks

Top climbing months

August   21%

July   20%

September  14%

"Macedonia/Albania. Drove up day before. A ranger at Mavrovo Lake said the road was Ok, if no 4x4, just drive slow. Had to avoid lots of holes and big rocks. Slept in big tent on good camping patch found left after a bridge just before first sign to Mount Korab. Walked the dirt road up to police station. Some people camped there but no officer to be seen. Went up through forest and passed a German father and son. Came to a sheep shepherd. Asked if we wanted coffee. We're fine. Hard climb up after on the hills. Turned right higher up and got amazing views on chain of rugged peaks on the left. Th" - Golem Korab, Pieter, Aug 23, 2018
"Bosnia. Left car at Suha day before. Climbed through forest to Prijevor in Sutjeska Park. Some rain. A shepherd said hello, good English. Put tent next to others. In the morning the top was in clouds. Scrambled uphill, lose debris. A group of six Bosnians passed us. Their guide was an older man with one hand. Asked if I would be able to reach the top in sandals. He said "yeah, there are maybe two more difficult sections on the left with cables where you would better be barefoot but that's it." Ok, got to the cables, first two horizontal sections, path is very small, abyss on the left. Higher a" - Bosanski Maglić, Pieter, Aug 18, 2018
"Croatia. Wild camped at Glavas in a field. Very windy, didn't sleep much. Walked uphill in fields of flowers past castle ruins. Took the most left path at intersection. The wind rose. Kept climbing to Drago Grubac, an abandoned hut. The next part the abyss was a couple of meters to our left but the wind blew so hard, we held hands and kept low. Could finally see the top in the distance. Reached it after three hard hours. Took different way down to Glavas, more in the middle of the mountain. No wind at all, hotter in the afternoon. Only crossed one couple all day." - Dinara, Pieter, Aug 16, 2018
"That was one of the goals I was preparing for as part of my solo expedition in the Alps! Tried to scale it all the way from Chamonix, but after reaching the top of Mer de glace glacier, got kicked out by bad weather. So I took the lift to Aiguille du Midi and went up the 3 Monts route to Mont Blanc and spent the night at Vallot bivouac at 4365m. The next day walked all the way down to the village Les Houches at 1000m altitude. (Gps track to follow. i am still on the Alps solo expedition!)" - Mont Blanc, Christos, Aug 11, 2018
"Also climbed Raisduottarhaldi (1361m), main summit Haltitunturi (1331m) and Ritnicohkka (1317m). Fotos an information (in German), see: 1) 2)" - Ridnitsohkka, Sputnik, Aug 10, 2018