Includes Ecuador's 10 peaks over 5000m high. These 10 peaks are the ultimate mountaineering objectives in Ecuador. All except Tungurahua have glaciers. Note that Tungurahua and Sangay are currently active -- and too dangerous to summit. Perhaps when things calm down you can be one of the only to have stood at the top of all 10... but for now, hitting the Big 8 would be an incredible achievement.


Highest peak


20,561 ft / 6,266 m

Most prominent peak


13,523 ft / 4,121 m

Most summited peak


34 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

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Top climbing months

January   18%

July   17%

March   12%

"Ecuador. Trained two times on the blue line to 5400m. Attempted a summit with the guide Fabian from Andean Adventures, the company that operate the refuges. The weather on the night of the climb was ok, no precipitation, not much wind. Its the first time I climb with gear. We had to go fast after the second refuge because there were people on the ridge above us, risk of falling rocks. Scrambled on rocks on the ridge. We passed some people after it on the glacier. Had a bit of trouble keeping pace, went too fast and too slow at times. When we stopped to drink something I felt my tows were freez" - Chimborazo, Pieter, Nov 8, 2017
"The ascent was made for people with certain medical situations not very happy. I did so first elevat for the city and county of Arad, this being achieved even my birthday. It was a long climb - 7:00 H bullish just being amazed that two teams dropped out half the route and one was withdrawn even close to the summit." - Chimborazo, CODmunte, Jun 27, 2014
"Nobody had reached the summit the past two days because of bad weather. When we left the refugio at 1am the weather was perfect. Reached the glacier after 1,5 hour where we put on crampons and roped up. Reached the top with my guide Nicolas in five hours from the refugio, right on time for sunrise. Only stayed 15 minutes at the top, good views of the crater but verycold, and no real views of surrounding volcanoes. Very windy in some parts. Got down in 2 hours. Climbed Pasochoa some days earlier to acclimatise. One of my favorite climbs so far." - Cotopaxi, ncst, Feb 5, 2010
"Ascended via the Whymper Route and returned the same way. Easy going steady pull to the top and along the plateau to the summit. Fantastic view of an erupting volcano to the south. Beautiful sunrise and horizon views. Trip of a life time. " - Chimborazo, chriskelshall, Mar 4, 2009