This challenge is an exception on peakery... instead of peaks it includes all* 345 tors and notable rocks lying in the vast moorland of Dartmoor National Park in southwest England. A large number of the rolling hills of Dartmoor are topped with tors -- outcrops of granite bedrock. Each one is an intriguing natural monument... so of course you should visit them all! Completing this challenge would put you in a very small club... it's a true lifetime achievement that requires you to thoroughly explore Dartmoor's 954 square km. Requires a long-term mindset, steel resolve, and the ability to thrive in and nimbly navigate the rugged, boggy terrain known locally as "the Great Swamp".

Based on the list compiled by Adrian Colston and featured on his blog, which is based on 3 books: 'Dartmoor Tors & Rocks' by Ken Ringwood, 'The A to Z of Dartmoor Tors' by Terry Bound, and 'Dartmoor Tors – A Pocket Guide' by Janet and Ossie Palmer. Additional tors and notable rocks added by the peakery community.

* If you know of a tor or notable rock lying within Dartmoor National Park that's missing, let us know and we'll add it.


Highest peak

High Willhays

2,037 ft / 620 m

Most prominent peak

High Willhays

1,761 ft / 536 m

Most summited peak

High Willhays

55 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

August   11%

April   10%

October   10%

  • Do you live near Dartmoor and love to walk? Set a long-term goal and spend years exploring the full extent of Dartmoor National Park's 368 square miles of wild moorlands, dramatic granite tors, hidden bogs, and steep river valleys.