Each of the 35 peaks above 3500 ft in the Catskills of New York. To be officially recognized by the Catskill 3500 Club, you must climb Slide, Blackhead, Balsam and Panther mountains again in winter. Only 2 hrs and change from the heart of NYC! See more here:


Highest peak

Slide Mountain

4,180 ft / 1,274 m

Most prominent peak

Slide Mountain

3,301 ft / 1,006 m

Most summited peak

Slide Mountain

159 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

March   11%

June   10%

October   9%

"Six of us headed up to the summits of Witt and Corn using the old Boy Scout trail out of Moon Haw. After a leisurely lunch in the sun on Wittenberg and a number of group photos we headed up to the “Crack” our final hurdle before reaching the summit opening of Cornell. No problem since there was minimal ice and enough snow to make it fairly easy to hop up. On our descent of the crack we were aided by a 100’ of webbing, carried by Tom, which was also used by the group of four we met on Witt. Back on the Boy Scout trail I had some fun “playing” in the crusty snow while the rest stuck to our broke" - Cornell Mountain, Nimblefoot, Dec 9, 2018
"Six of us headed out of Moon Haw to visit the summits of Wittenberg and Cornell. Instead of heading out the back of the parking lot and crossing the creek right away we headed up toward Friday mountain just enough to get passed the private property. Then dropped down to pickup the old Boy Scout trail to head up to the Burroughs Range trail. The microspikes went on as we gained elevation where the thin crusty snow caused back slipping. Higher up the snow deepened but still had a hard crust so we simply kicked steps. I followed the trail pretty well until the final several hundred feet where I " - Wittenberg Mountain, Nimblefoot, Dec 9, 2018
"Ten of us gathered on a rather brisk day to celebrate Paul T’s completion of his 4-season Grid. Tom presented Paul with his newly earned patch as we sipped on some bubbly and snacked on cheese and crackers. Once back to Spruceton road, using only spikes and carrying snowshoes for the simple joy of a heavier pack, we adjourned to West Kill brewery. The eleven of us spent some quality time drinking beer and eating celebratory cake along with everything they offer on the menu." - West Kill Mountain, Nimblefoot, Dec 8, 2018
"Broke out a track from Shaft road to the canister this afternoon. Not exactly straight to the can as I wandered around like a fool trying to find the can in all the white. With new regulations the canisters are back to orange to show up easier reducing the number of unnecessary herd paths. On and off snowflurries from an overcast sky. Bare bootable down low then snowshoes become more necessary and efficient higher up. Completes 3 season round #18 and #28 total rounds." - Mount Sherrill, Nimblefoot, Nov 30, 2018
"Took care of my trail maintenance on the Diamond trail first thing in the AM. Then headed over to the Mink Hollow parking lot to have my lunch. The lot is better plowed out compared to a week ago. The snow has melted down with the warm temps and rain. A lot of wet slushy spots and puddles. Bare booted up on a broken trail all the way. Met the trail breakers, a contingent from Hudson Valley Hikers, as they descended in the slippy slop. Wore the mini spikes on my descent for added safety especially when running the easier sections. Carried the snowshoes but they were not harmed in this adventure" - Sugarloaf Mountain, Nimblefoot, Nov 25, 2018