California is a land of superlatives and these are its highest peaks. Includes the 14 California peaks over 14,000 ft with at least 300 ft prominence. With the exception of volcano Mount Shasta in the Cascades and White Mountain Peak in the White Mountains, all are located on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada. Although only 14 peaks, the wide range of technical difficulty required makes finishing this challenge a real accomplishment.


Highest peak

Mount Whitney

14,505 ft / 4,421 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Whitney

10,075 ft / 3,070 m

Most summited peak

Mount Whitney

444 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Whitney

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 3 peaks

Class 3/4 1 peak

Top climbing months

August   24%

July   22%

September  19%

"Was lucky enough to snag a permit for a one day hike for one person online after being forced to turn around before the summit due to snow and strong winds two weeks ago. This time the weather was perfect with just a little wind on the summit. Also had the benefit in that it was only two days past the full moon so had a well lit trail for my 2:00 a.m. start. The most difficult section had to be the 1.9 miles from Trail Crest to the summit. Longest two miles of my life." - Mount Whitney, laphil, Oct 8, 2017
"Day 4/4 in the Shepherd Pass area. It had rained for 2 hours overnight and the wind was gusting at 40 mph in the morning. I got wet filling my bottles when a strong gust blew across the lake. Perhaps against my better judgement, I made an attempt at the peak, mostly thinking how I didn't want to hike up the Shepherd Pass Trail again. I hiked up to the Sierra Crest and right before climbing onto the North Rib, the wind died down. Sensing that I had a window, I climbed as fast and hard as a could, reaching the summit in 1:15 h from camp at the pass. At the summit, the winds started picking up an" - Mount Tyndall, klotito, Sep 4, 2017
"Took advantage of the long weekend and open gate day--drove from Sac to the locked gate on Saturday, camped at the gate. On Sunday we drove the two miles up to the research station and started our hike at 7:20. Aside from some altitude-related nausea and fatigue, the hike was easy. Had quite a bit of haze over the Owens Valley, but the views were still impressive. After spending about 30 mins on the summit taking pictures, we started down. After a couple miles we got caught in a very cold hail storm and heard thunder. Brrrr! We high-tailed it back to the car, wet and cold. We saw a lightning s" - White Mountain Peak, kaylam87, Sep 3, 2017
"Day 3 of a 4-day trip in the Shepherd Pass area. I was well-acclimatized from climbing Trojan and Barnard the day before. I joined up with a group of three strong hikers I met at camp near the pass and left to tackle Williamson at 5:30a. I was in the Bowl the day before, so I had no problems route-finding our way to the Black Stain. There was one frozen snow field along the way that needed to be hiked around (long) or slid down (sketchy). We climbed to the stain and the monstrous chute up through the West Face revealed itself. We climbed the chute, not taking a single break until reaching the " - Mount Williamson, klotito, Sep 3, 2017
"North rib from Shepherd Pass with Matt & Alissa. Backpacked in to Anvil Camp on Friday. Moved camp up to the pass and then climbed the rib from the crest on Saturday. Climb was an incredibly enjoyable easy class 3. Yes, some loose talus, but overall a very fun climb. Bit of snow in the chute to the summit ridge, but avoidable with some slight detours. Williamson West Face route looked gnarly from the summit... saving that one for another day." - Mount Tyndall, edg, Sep 2, 2017