All peaks in Bolivia at least 6000 m high with at least 400 m prominence. Note that 3 of the peaks lie on the Bolivia/Chile border and 1 lies on the Bolivia/Peru border. From John Biggar's book "The Andes - A Guide for Climbers"


Highest peak


21,463 ft / 6,542 m

Most prominent peak


8,041 ft / 2,451 m

Most summited peak

Huayna Potosi

12 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

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Top climbing months

July   27%

August   24%

May   17%

"Our first attempt for 6000m peak. It's done in 2-3 days. We went with Climbing South America. The same night another approximately 30 ppl were summiting, the most in that month as I saw from the diary log between base and high camp. We were caught in a snowstorm, strong wind and low visibility prevented many to succeed, but we managed. You can read more here:" - Huayna Potosi, terlet, Apr 13, 2018
"Part of a guided tour of the Salar de Uyuni and Lipez in Bolivia : our truck driver took us almost to 5400 m level on an old sulphur-mining road. (Uturuncu is a volcano) Hiked up from there. Cold and windy at summit. GPS reading (6068 m) was higher than nominal 6008 m . Found a geo-cache near the summit. Corrected date is April 17, 2016 (typo in my original report)" - Uturunku, geoffc, Apr 17, 2015
"Very mellow trip led by Alpenglow guide Jamie. I was pretty out of it most of the time but he got me through it. Just a long snowy haul with some icy-bits and occasional crevasse crossings. I gave up a few times but we kept deciding to go just a bit more and what do I know, we round a corner and I can see the summit just a hundred feet up. It was a proud end to a three week long trip to Bolivia." - Illimani, paperpanther, Aug 25, 2010
"I started from Pueblo Sajama with the jeep untill the end of th road just 200 m below the base camp where I overnight. The day after I climed directly Parinacota and I came back to Pueblo Sajama." - Parinacota, edoardomartelli, Aug 21, 2009
"Huayna Potosi was our first peak. We (girlfriend and I) arrived in Bolivia as backpackers very unprepared to climb so we rented all equipment. Met our guide and headed up to Base, then High camp. Started the climb at approx 1am and slowly made our way to the top. Weather was cold but calm and after a few hairy moments of fatigue and struggle due to the altitude we made it to the summit! A big moment for first time climbers." - Huayna Potosi, monkey, Jul 11, 2007