Climb the Ultras of Austria. Includes all 13 "ultra" peaks with prominence of at least 5,000 ft / 1,500 m in Austria. Includes one border peak (Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany). The 13 Austrian Ultras are sprinkled throughout several parts of the Austrian Alps and present a broad tour of Austria's mountain riches.


Highest peak


12,460 ft / 3,797 m

Most prominent peak


7,949 ft / 2,423 m

Most summited peak


47 summits

Most difficult peak


Class 3

Difficulty breakdown

Class 3/4 3 peaks

Top climbing months

August   23%

July   21%

September  12%

"Me, Misko Taneski and Aleksandar Tatalovic - Tatko went to climb Grossglockner on September 12 and the weather was terrible but somehow we manage to arrive to the Studlhutte in a storm thanks to two chech guys who found the way in the snow. We spend the night there and the day after we started going for the summit. The weather was perfect but a lot of snow felt the previous day so it was hard to walk. When we arrived to the next hut Tatko felt a little tired because he wasn't practicing mountaineering long time so he made a brave decision and stopped there telling us that he made his goal for " - Grossglockner, FilipVasileski, Sep 13, 2017
"I stayed in Seefeld Austria, got up 3:00 am, taxi 4:00 am ( 70 euros ) to the Olympic stadium in Garmisch. 04:34 am start 01:26 pm summit approximately 2300m of assent cable car, and train down train from Garmisch to Seefeld 9 euros perfect weather, clear sky's, an absolutely magnificent day. " - Zugspitze, JohnJones, Jul 31, 2015
"First day hiked up to the Welser Huette where we spent the night. Second day made our way up on the Normalweg to the Fleischbanksattel and then to the summit. We descended the same day the same way we came up." - Grosser Priel, jag, Aug 1, 2013
"It was my first time on the Grossglockner, even thuogh this mountain if not far from the tawn where I leave, Cortina d'Ampezzo. I guided some Japanese clients to the top, it was a great day!" - Grossglockner, GuideDolomiti, Jul 15, 2013
"The Wildspitze climb was the climax of 6 my day mountaineering training with 4 guys from the Netherlands, led by the great Sepp. After a blizzard like weather pattern, we had 3 days of brilliant sunshine. Sadly, clouds were really stubborn the day we climbed Wildspitze. The summit was a complete whiteout, even after we waited for 30 minutes. Just 1 hour after we descended the peak was completely visible, sticking it's tongue out on me ;) Photo1: I am the guy with the weird hat. Looks strange, but I was the only person not suffering from severe sunburn :) Photo2: Wildspitze seen from the " - Wildspitze, nwpwillems, Jun 26, 2010