Climb 20 of the highest, most challenging peaks with trails in Arizona... and then combine that with 20 of the deepest, most challenging canyon hikes and you have the unique Arizona 20-20 challenge. Since this is peakery (not canyonery), only the 20 peaks are included here. To see the canyons and more info go to


Highest peak

Humphreys Peak

12,633 ft / 3,850 m

Most prominent peak

Humphreys Peak

6,039 ft / 1,840 m

Most summited peak

Humphreys Peak

135 summits

Most difficult peak

Humphreys Peak

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 1 peak

Top climbing months

June   15%

May   14%

July   13%

"15.45km return with 1,200m gain in 4:30hrs. Some de-tour on descent. My belt got broken right at the trailhead. It was ok during the ascent, but had to hold onto and pull up my pants regularly on descent :) " - Humphreys Peak, alexp, Aug 13, 2018
"One of the first mountains I climbed in AZ after moving. Back after 3 years. One of the few trails open around Flag right now due to fire restrictions. Complete TR:" - Kendrick Peak, Christopher, Jun 2, 2018
"Nice cool November day. Chilly at the top (high 40s), but no snow. Looked for the summit pin for 10 minutes but couldn't locate. Took the Crest Line Trail from the Montezuma TH, starting at 9:30am, finishing at 2:30pm. Saw Mexico for the first time. No encounters or wildlife of note. Many, many border patrol officers around. Cloud cover moved in the last half of our hike out. Climbed with Josh, his tallest mountain to date. Good times had by all." - Miller Peak, zachmitch, Nov 28, 2017
"Peak 10/10 on a 30.2 mile day. Hit the final peak at 4:15, 12 miles away from my car. Needless to say, there was a good amount of night hiking to end the day, topped off with a healthy dose of fear that 'El Sombre' (the Chiricahua jaguar spotted two months ago) would pick me off before I could get to camp... Complete TR:" - Sentinel Peak, Christopher, Nov 11, 2017
"Peak 8/10 on a 30.2 mile day. The trail to the top was overgrown to the point of un-useable, alot of down wood from fires and wound up being fairly draining towards the end of a long day. Complete TR:" - Snowshed Peak, Christopher, Nov 11, 2017